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  1. 72. Thanking God

    When you pray for others, don’t forget to reflect on the answering of prayers as God has done work in the person’s life that you are praying for. This is when you do prayers of Thanksgiving. Even when the person you are praying for still has problems and these problems still perturb you, there is progress from WHERE they used to be.

    So for what God has already accomplished in them, THANK HIM as you continue to pray for the continuation of His work. You see, when we are praying for ...
  2. My grandmother is now 89.

    I have felt an enormous burden lift.

    I had serious doubts that my grandmother was going to make it to 89.

    Now, I have serious doubts she will make it to 90.

    I have a whole lot of decisions to make.

    For one thing, I feel more and more like I need to move back to the area I lived in before I moved to the area I've lived in for the last 12 years, when my grandmother dies, and it WILL happen, even if it is years from now.

    The ...
  3. 71. An Assignment

    Here is what I turned in for one of my college homework assignments this week. Oh... these assignments are to be like journaling and when it comes to journaling, I'm quite used to doing it!

    Reflective Journal: Week 7

    Question one for chapter twelve is the question that immediately caught my attention. Bear with me… I believe that testimony is always a strong manner in which to reach people. When testimony is involved in a sermon, teaching, or ...
  4. 2-26-13

    I'm finding that I'm having to make my ignore list longer and longer.

    I have to do this, or I will end up saying something to one or more of these people that I will get in trouble with the administrators and/or moderators for saying.

    Right now, my grandmother is going to be 89 in just slightly over a week. She is, as I've heard it put "like a sled- going down hill fast". I can't even deal with this, without having to deal with a lot of what's going on on ...
  5. - The Joy of the Lord –

    John 5:11, “These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be made full”

    1 John 1:4, "These things we write to you that your joy may be full"

    Do you remember those yellow round happy-face stickers that showed up frequently on stationery and postcards? They were often accompanied by the one-word message, "Smile." They implied that you could put a smile on your face as easily as you ...