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  1. Yesterday.

    Yesterday was a film … Today is a new day and you’ve switched it off.

    Listening to Micah 4. Alan
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  2. Men and Women what's inside.

    Men and Women what’s inside.

    God has made women so beautiful … They like men can be beautiful outside but horrible inside … True beauty inside can be obtained with the new nature Jesus can provide … The old nature inside tries to make us talk like Jesus Holy Spirit Father God … In us doesn’t reside … Swear talk think as you did … before the Holy ones came to live within … There’s nothing to be frightened of … As those outside try to make us talk like before we were baptised … ...
  3. Immunity.

    None of us are immune from correction ... Otherwise we wouldn't be sons and daughters of God ... I would like to apologise to those whom I might have offended in my writing ... Especially those who look after Bibleforums ... My endeavour is to seek after ... That which ... The Holy Spirit has to say failing that it's my blog ... To be truthful I hardly read what anyone else has to say .. So as .. What I say isn't influenced by what others have to say ... Having said all that .. For being so nice ...

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  4. That Dreadful Day

    That Dreadful Day

    According to John's prophecy
    There will be an apostasy
    When godlessness will reign supreme
    And peace will not be what it seems.

    Christians will be persecuted;
    Many will be executed,
    For the children of the Lord
    Will be hated by the world.

    And men will know the end's begun
    When they see wars and blackened sun;
    When they see stars fall in a flood;
    The moon turning
  5. Called to Serve

    Called to Serve

    We've been called by God to serve
    Whether or not we have the nerve;
    For He promised to be there
    To help us if we do our share.

    Protected by the Lord Above
    And filled with zeal and holy love,
    We need to be obedient; trust
    To do what we feel sure we must.

    Enabled by the Holy Ghost;
    Surrounded by angelic host -
    God has supplied our every need
    So that we might excel;