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  1. Falling.



    We fall into the trap of beauty … Would we fall the same way when there’s so much trouble ahead … There’s something bigger going on than we know to create and develop Son’s and Daughter’s of God … Through the trials the beauty the trouble ahead … How else would we know the love of God the beauty the ugliness the trouble ahead … Building relationships getting inside our hearts inside our heads … Becoming a temple according to what the Bible has said.
  2. Giving.



    Credit where it’s due but it’s something we don’t always want to do giving credit where it’s due … My Wife asked me to check the kitchen sink plug hole underneath where it drains out … I thought it was OK but when I stripped it down it was full of rubbish even a metal wood screw … Partially blocking the water flow to the outside drain … I thought to myself I could easy say it was OK when it wasn’t … No I said … It was blocked credit to you where it’s due ...
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  3. War and peace ...

    What do you mean.

    War and peace.

    There’s been an underlying issue all week causing war in the family … I found myself asking for wisdom when meeting people … so as … I would say the right words … From doctors to people who ask for forms to be filled in … I’ve asked Jesus for the right words to say … I even met my old workmate and his Wife again today she said this will be the last time I see you … I said I hope you’re not prophesying we can’t take you anywhere we laughed … And ...
  4. If I could ...

    Do you know what I mean.

    Does writing make everything alright sharing life’s experiences with thee … As for me without Jesus I would have nothing to write for thee … I suppose what I write isn’t for everyone but it is the key for thee … Jesus is the key to eternity that will open the door for thee … One day we will see behind the door which at this time deludes me and thee … If I could see beyond the door I would share What I could see with thee … Receive the key and one day ...
  5. Who can help with the ...

    Who can help with the …

    Concerns we have to live with today.

    I met my old workmate last week that is relevant to today the conversation turned to life issues … His main concern was his Wife who has a heart condition … He admitted his thoughts were if anything would happen to himself how would his Wife cope … His Wife being in her eighties didn’t know how to do the simplest of tasks like the TV controls … I’ve talked to my friend about Jesus in respect of what I do on my website ...
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