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  1. research on India

    I'm doing research on linguistic minorities/language minorities in India (as well as on several million other things).

    First, it has to be understood that India is divided into states. A group that is a linguistic minority/language minority in one state isn't necessarily so in another.

    It also has to be understood that the terms "linguistic minorities" and "language minorities" mean different things in different contexts. It took me a LONG time to ...
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  2. Now is this day.

    Would we be satisfied to see someone else have … To see someone happy to clap their hands and say I've had … Life can be quite sad for those who've never had … Jesus was sad knowing those that could have had wouldn’t except what he had … For those who accepted what he had they were so glad … Except Jesus today he will be so glad you’ll except what he has … One day it will be too late and Jesus will say you could have had.

    Reading John 16.

  3. attempted research

    I'm attempting to do research on the Arctic Ocean.

    From what I've read, most or all of it is frozen over most or all of the time.

    From what I can tell, the northernmost part of Canada is islands, and they're in the Arctic Ocean.

    I've concluded that I have to learn about the Arctic Ocean to learn about Canada and I have to learn about Canada to learn about the Arctic Ocean.

    I've been attempting to learn more about Eskimos. From what I can ...
  4. more on attempting to learn Spanish

    I'm attempting to learn Spanish.

    I'm trying to approach this scientifically.

    There is a related concept known as Spanglish. From what I can tell, it is a hybrid of Spanish and English. Obviously, I can learn Spanish without learning Spanglish.

    From what I understand, there are different varieties of Spanish. This is confusing to me.

    First, there is Spanish that originated in Spain (Spanish Spanish?).

    From what I can tell, ...
  5. Visiting the dentist today.

    Visited the dentist today … I do miss my smartphone … I was lying in the dentist chair quite comfortable to be fair … He was grinding away at my broken tooth … The thought came to me if I opened my eyes … My hands were free … The ultimate insult the height of cheek I could browse the internet send a text ... I was just able to see through the dentists hands to type a word or two or three … Laughing deep down my stomach moved … I'd laughed to myself almost gave the game away … The amazing thing is ...