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  1. The trust of our life.

    One of our greatest enemies is fear ...
    One of our greatest allies is trust ...

    Matthew 12:21.

    Romans 15:12.
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  2. Christianity: The World Most Testable Religion

    Christianity: The World Most Testable Religion

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  3. II Thessalonians 2 and the Man of Lawlessness...Who is he?

    Interesting article found here:

    II Thessalonians 2 and the Man of Lawlessness

    >>>This is an overhauled version of a study I posted in 2011 when I mistakenly thought that Nero was the man of lawlessness, a.k.a. “man of sin.” I now believe that the man of lawlessness was a Zealot leader, and at the end of this study I present my top two candidates for who this man was. <<<
  4. Are we a Nicodemus.

    Are we a Nicodemus ...

    What does Jesus require of us ...
    To admit that we are sinners ...
    To admit our nature is corruptible ...
    We need to be baptized in water ...
    We need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit ...
    Then a new incorruptible nature will be born within ...
    Listen to the conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus again theirs always something new ...

    Listening to John 3.
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  5. A Better way to understand Matt 24-29-31?

    Matthew 24 is usually misinterpreted to be future end-time events that have not occurred yet. Literalists and Dispensationalists say the events described by Jesus in Matthew 24 are either:

    1. A partial description of 70 AD and the future Second Coming of Christ
    2. Exclusively our future and the Second Coming of Christ & Final Resurrection or Rapture

    I opt for the third interpretation which says that the entire passage is summed up in the description of the Destruction ...