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  1. Acts 22.

    Acts 22.

    Man has a plan … Jesus has a plan.

    No man can change Jesus s plan for a man … That sounds a bit final for a man not to have freedom as we all can … To be an Apostle meant Paul was a special man chosen to carry out a very special plan … Could he have failed if he said I cannot carry on with this special plan … He was able to make a man blind for a while he raised a man who was dead … He was bitten by a snake that would have killed a normal man … He was committed
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  2. Acts of Kings.

    Acts of Kings.

    Psalms 127. Except the Lord build the house ……..

    Unless the Lord gives a word we labour in vain … We use familiar words that are not the same … The word of man can change but the word of Jesus remains the same … I have but a peanut brain compared with that of our maker not even a grain of sand in my hand … But we’ve been chosen to speak a word by the Holy Spirit to expound the word that was heard from Jesus sound … It’s incomprehensible ...
  3. 1 Kings 15.

    1 Kings 15.

    At last a King that will show us the way.

    The leaders of our nation … The media that we read watch and listen … Have a lot of responsibility for the way the nation goes or grows … The inventions we use our children abuse we drift away like a rudderless ship … The high places still exist what ever that means it’s only our King can take them away … Today it’s governments place to guide the nation unfortunately according to Gods word they’re ...
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  4. Acts 21.

    Acts 21.

    They couldn't help themselves.

    The gladucees were zealous of their laws not their God … Who is this who would break our laws … Not knowing the laws were in his heart … They could not keep the law that’s why ... There Father … That being God … Sent Jesus his Son to show a better way … Not to break their laws but to put them in their hearts … After all it was I am who made the laws and devised the plan for man … So it’s not surprising they attacked Apostle Paul not ...

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  5. 1 Kings 14.

    A life of different lengths.

    The long and short of it all

    I found it quite sad indicative of then and now how we treat our creator so bad … We have … And had ... Every opportunity to accept Jesus and do what is right and be glad … We tend to look at the short-term and think nothing but ourselves as we go to hell with the long-term why should I be righteous and glad … I will admit this short-term thinking has made me sad … To be honest losing ...

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