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  1. Foundations are not unshakable

    I haven't written in a while due to other activities, but tonight, I just needed a place to collect and share my thoughts about what has been going on lately.
    My boyfriend and I have been dealing with the subject of baptism for months now and I have gone from...vehemently defending what I questioning what I total being completely unsure of what I believe and not being sure of anything anymore. No I'm not apostasizing..if there is one thing I do have ...
  2. Where is your ministry


    I had a dream last night. My husband and I was on this big ship with one of those big wheels to guide it. There was a lot of people on it with us but they would not listen to us as we tried to lead them in what needed to be done to keep the ship going. They all just ignored us and soon they just disappeared and we were alone. We kept passing through islands. We could not port on any of them because whenever we tried we just went right through them.

    We seen ...

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  3. Life Experiences and a Stroke

    [COLOR=Blue][SIZE=2].. This weekend I had another life experience that I probably would not have regretted never having, had I missed it. I was very blessed by my LORD to have, I believe the Doctor said a TIA. He told my wife and I that this was a stroke without any damage to my heart.
    .. I tell this for the blessing of others. Having followed Dr. James Dobson's stroke coverage, I was aware of the pain radiating down the right arm meant that I was having a stroke and with the loss of sensation ...
  4. Anger at things Part 1

    Well a while ago, I was pretty annoyed, to put it kindly, at everything. You might not really remember that, well I am really angry at the world we live in and the need for me to the utmost and the world to look to God for our rock and salvation from death and suffering.

    Well the first thing I think I was to talk about is, Me. And I think if I remember correctly, there is the world and the church after this to knock down I believe.

    So me? What am I to be annoyed about ...

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    I am angry
  5. Bittersweetness

    Blog? What's a blog? A public diary? Just the thought of reading something that's as private as a diary never really appealed to me, and never in a million years did I think I'd write one, but here goes.

    Just an aside: The doctor is putting me on a different depression med - so if this doesn't make much sense it's the med's fault, right?? (you gotta agree with me here, or I'm not writing anymore).

    Mother's Day, bittersweetness.

    Being a daughter, I've always ...