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  1. Come Away

    When I went to Bible School, I quickly developed an essential habit: spending 45 minutes to an hour at the start of each day in the Presence of God in the chapel. Though this meant getting up at 5 a.m. and though those times were rarely spectacular, I see now how they brought the Presence of God to the rest of my life and empowered me to walk in the Spirit.

    Since graduating, these times have slowly dwindled to the point where I now spend maybe 10-15 minutes praying at the start of the ...
  2. Have You Ever?

    Have you ever felt like me, where your cup was half empty, and, you just wanted it to run over again? Well, that's how I was feeling yesterday.

    I felt like I didn't have much oil in my cup for me to be happy in the LORD. And, today I listened to Chris Tomlin, and, he made that okay for me. Why do I say that? I will explain it to you lovely people:

    Chris Tomlin has an album called Arriving, and, I listened to it today, and, he made me realize that I did not always ...
  3. 3.13.08

    We went out to eat with Mom, Dad, and my grandparents tonight. Mom took her pink ribbon pillow with her that she holds between her arm and breast to protect where she had stitches. Every time I look at that pillow it's all I can do not to cry.

    Mom said she started reading her new Bible today and she really likes how easy it is to read and to see. Thank you Lord for giving me the ability to do that for Mom.

    Her next appointment is tomorrow (Friday) which she was able ...
    My mother's battle
  4. All I Can Say Is This

    I am really having a good day today!!!!!!!!!!!!! The LORD is Blessing me fully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am really enjoying the forums since I came back here, after I got a few things straightened out. Hint hint TBR!!!!!!! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. And, most importantly, thank you GOD for showing me that I should not give up on my brothers, and, sisters in CHRIST at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You guys are special!!!!!!!!!!!! So, special in fact you are the reason(s) I decided ...