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  1. The Sign of the Bow

    The Sign of the Bow
    A veil of misty droplets hung
    Colored by the rays of sun;
    Fair arc set in the rain-washed sky
    Where God's wing'ed creatures fly.

    The multi-colored painted bow
    Serves as a sign to man below;
    Set over land and oceans deep
    Reminding us God doesn't sleep.

    He promised nevermore to send
    A Flood to drown those
  2. January 12, 2009

    still struggling but I know God spoke to me through this devotional I read this a.m. so wanted to share it. As some of you know, I have gotten into a great fitness and nutrition "mode". But I have slacked off in the most important area of my life. I needed to hear this and I pray that if someone else is where I am, it will help them as well. God bless each of you, love in Christ, denise

    Pursuing Meaning

    New King James Version
    Philippians 2:16 holding ...
  3. God Cares

    God Cares
    A mother bird has built a nest
    Which was quite different from the rest,
    For there between the potted leaves
    (not in the trees or under eaves)
    She built a cozy little home,
    In which to raise her chick alone.

    The pot was standing on a wall
    And to ensure it wouldn't fall
    I moved it to a safer place
    Where enemies could not give

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  4. Today, I'm thankful for....

    today, I am thanking God for....

    - a new year full of possibilities
    - deliverance from old snares: this will be the first year in my life I'll be free from the biggest of them!
    - the chance to serve God in two wonderful, new ways... both of which I only found out about a couple days ago! I am thrilled.
    - the many friends I've made over the last while, both here in my program and right here on the board!
    - the ability to forgive. Tonight, with God's help and ...
  5. The Winter of My Soul

    The Winter Of My Soul
    Unnoticed and oh, so slowly
    A breeze is moving through my soul -
    I've turned my back on all things holy;
    Having fun's my only goal.

    Increased in power; faster still
    Winds are blowing fierce and cold,
    Life seems empty; unfulfilled
    As I amass and worship gold.

    Tossed around on stormy oceans
    Battered by relentless

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