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  1. Changes

    The other day as I sat having lunch with my cousin, we got on the topic of leading a Christian lifestyle and I mentioned how some people think it's difficult to do this yet, I found it very easy. She said that her daughter's family felt the same way, that it isn't a difficult lifestyle to lead. I told her how it seems like we barely even watch tv anymore and she said "my daughter said the same thing, but I can't live without my tv!" ...
  2. Crazy May

    Oh my goodness. I will be so glad when school is out. I have so much stuff going on. The end of school gets so crazy anyways. I believe I have 2 or 3 more real teaching days where our schedules aren't completely abnormal... and one of those is today. We have 9 1/2 more school days. It's going to be wild.
  3. 5-6-08

    I am so happy to report that Mom has been doing much better!!

    We are going to all go and eat dinner at my grandparents. I have a special gift I am making for her. I am going to try to finish it in the morning so I can give it to her tomorrow.
    My mother's battle
  4. First blog.

    This will be my first ever blog

    so here it is!

  5. Bill Taylor on Parenting

    [CENTER][FONT=FreeSans, sans-serif][COLOR=Blue][SIZE=5][B]Parenting[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT][/CENTER]
    [FONT=FreeSans, sans-serif][COLOR=Blue][SIZE=3] .. My mom and dad were just below middle class America, in financial status, but I learned a great many lessons of life, at their hands. The greatest lesson I ever learned was never told by my mother and she loved to embarrass me with odd tales from my youth, but the greatest lesson I ever learned was a matter of deep shame to her and ...