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  1. The Gospel of John blogosphere.

    Hello ... I've been listening to John's Gospel in conjunction with Isaiah ... on the blogosphere page I had included a film on John's Gospel ... I've started to listen and watch the film it being on YouTube ... if you would like to watch it too you're welcome to come along on a Wednesday evening and we can watch it together ... no sorry you can watch it anytime ... I thought I was back in the house fellowship for a minute then ... Kind Regards Alan :-)

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  2. The Malefic Puppet Show

    This poem has been inspired by something Shepherdsword said about the 'puppetmaster' in another thread this morning.

    The Malefic Puppet Show
    Come in - sit down in the front row
    And welcome to my puppet show!
    I'll dim the lights so you won't see
    That I'm not who I seem to be -
    That it's all a grand illusion
    To create a mass delusion.

    Oh, isn't it delectable
    That they find me acceptable?
    They think me and my fellow
  3. Jesus and Noah.

    Matthew 24:37

    Hello ... I have watched a film on Noah on the BBC ... before they started the film they said they had taken both reference from the Bible and other sources ... I nearly didn't watch . but I did ... it did reveal so much ...

    Kind Regards Alan :-)

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  4. False Prophets in the body of Christ

    by , Mar 18th 2015 at 07:34 PM (The Effect of Darwin's Theory on Christianity in Europe.)
    A look at many of the so-called ministers of God today (Vicar, Pastor, Prophet, Reverend, Bishop or whatever title they go by) will show that most are working for filthy lucre and not for the Kingdom of God. This is not new of course, because from the OT to the Apostles and now, there has been and always will be those whom Satan uses to subvert the Word of God.

    This is of concern particularly as we head toward the End Times, for the scriptures indeed said that iniquity shall abound
  5. Healing in our hands.

    Healing in our hands …

    Good morning … I’m now reading Isaiah 19. God willing this chapter will last me a week … staying on one subject and we’ll see what comes our way … Alan :-)

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