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  1. The need for seed.

    The need for seed.

    Sometimes I have a fright seeing our loved ones age as if over night … Why do we age and become frail it’s the flesh man carrying the Spiritual man to a new age … Were death and decrepitude will no longer rage … Would we have loved God if he hadn't give us his Son to die on a cross … Roll on the new age … But the flesh man say’s there’s no rush please let me stay longer don’t let me age … Sorry flesh man
  2. Reading Through.

    Reading Through.

    Reading through the ten commandments was it possible to carry them through keeping them too … Because we read and have been taught to … I would say it’s not possible to keep them all true … So to make it possible the commandments and laws would be written in our hearts when the new life we except and much more than that too … When Father God Holy Spirit and Jesus the Son would come and live within … A Kingdom within were all would be fulfilled were we become ...
  3. 75. "God is Love"

    Here is a portion of a homework assignment I'll be turning in later. It does NOT surprise me now that yesterday I was led to read the Matthew 5 scriptures since I see how the verses impacted the assisgnment and helped me complete this portion:

    Faith working through love. We hear many say, “God is Love”. Saying this isn’t enough though. To help the lost of the world understand that “God is Love,” then ACTION must accompany the statement. Words mean nothing if a Christian downtown ...
  4. Who is Amalek.

    Who is Amalek in this generation

    The old testament is a shadow and type of the new … The Israelite s were trekking through the desert probably tired and definitely thirsty too … They spoke in a wrong way to Moses … That's what we do when we are tired we have an attitude like poo … And cant possibly see a way through …. And we have misgivings in what we do … Then we have to fight our spiritual enemies what do we do … When this happens we need Jesus to help and see us through … Because

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  5. 5-25-13

    I have made significant progress in doing research on India.

    One of the most important things to understand when doing research on India is that what are now Pakistan and Bangladesh were once part of India.

    Pakistani and Bangladeshi are nationalities. Pakistani and Bangladeshi have no racial or ethnic connotations.

    There are many different ethnic groups and languages indigenous to India, at least hundreds, quite possibly thousands.

    I'm ...