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  1. Who is Amalek.

    Who is Amalek in this generation

    The old testament is a shadow and type of the new The Israelite s were trekking through the desert probably tired and definitely thirsty too They spoke in a wrong way to Moses That's what we do when we are tired we have an attitude like poo And cant possibly see a way through . And we have misgivings in what we do Then we have to fight our spiritual enemies what do we do When this happens we need Jesus to help and see us through Because

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  2. 5-25-13

    I have made significant progress in doing research on India.

    One of the most important things to understand when doing research on India is that what are now Pakistan and Bangladesh were once part of India.

    Pakistani and Bangladeshi are nationalities. Pakistani and Bangladeshi have no racial or ethnic connotations.

    There are many different ethnic groups and languages indigenous to India, at least hundreds, quite possibly thousands.

    I'm ...
  3. 74. Ya know, when satan's forces come up against you...

    Ya know, when satan's forces come up against you and you find yourself overcome because a weakness was found and exploited by the enemy forces... all this means is that now you have a place to look within yourself and surrender it over to God so that the weakness can be fixed. This also means that the enemy will not be able to attack you there anymore. By doing this, there will be less struggling and more maturing as you walk the path God set before you.
  4. 5-23-13

    The main problem here isn't not knowing what I NEED to do. The main problem here is what I CAN and CAN'T do right now.

    The problem is, the can't far outweighs the can.
  5. 5-22-13

    I'm finding that the list of people I seriously don't like is constantly growing longer and longer and longer. I don't mean just people on this board. I mean people in general.

    I am NOT proud of the way I lived my life at one time. I will be the first to say I rightfully earned eternity in Hell.

    Having said that, I am concluding more and more that the world is full of people who are worse than I was on my worst day.