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  1. Walking were we should go.

    I was glad to be able to pick up my prescription today antibiotics and steroids to help me keep well … undoubtably Jesus has everything in his hands concerning where I'm at … To be able to walk in the spirit is a wonderful thing not complaining every step of the way … We have the capability because of Jesus and the Holy Spirit of course not forgetting Father God … To walk in the spirit we know … When were not … It will show … Our days here below are numbered when with Jesus we will go … To
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  2. Its not a disgrace.

    If you cannot cope with a task … Start and do everything in order and it will all fall into place … A prophet once told me if it’s a matter of confidence or strength … Ask … Jesus will meet you halfway with his favour and grace … He knows when we don't have confidence or strength he see’s our willingness to try to take our place … I suppose it’s all a matter of faith the simple and difficult things we face. Listening and reading John 12. Alan ...
  3. - Staying on Course –

    Psalm 43:3, "Oh, send out Your light and Your truth! Let them lead me"
    Psalm 119:165, “Great peace have those who love Your law, and nothing causes them to stumble”

    The story has been told of two men who had been out deep-sea fishing when night began to fall. As they headed back toward land, the more experiences seaman got sleepy and turned the helm over to his friend. The veteran sailor pointed out the North Star and said, “Just keep the ...
  4. Whilst on the phone.

    Nicknames from home.

    I said to my Wife while on the phone be careful what you say … We've got Di the spy and the _ _ _ all listening in … Of course we've known about Di who lives in number 34 … Tommy tombstone just down the hill and John the butcher up the hill … Whether your John the scone or Di the spy be careful what you say.

    Listening and reading John 11. Alan

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  5. A great soap.

    A great Soap.

    I have a great soap people can smell it when they draw near ... The soap is not very dear giving confidence on ones hands there's less bacteria ... It's a manly soap I use on my body ... Hold on where am I going with this poem I think I'll change soap to hope in Jesus ... He washes away our sins the words I wanted to use he takes away the smell of fear ... Were as soap is not the hope but can take away the smell of bacteria.

    Listening and reading ...