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  1. The World revels ...

    The World revels in its ways of life ... The world attracts affects our chance of true life ... Living in a bubble of trouble and strife ... We don't realize till Jesus points it out and bursts our bubble of trouble and strife ...

    listening to Matthew 22.

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  2. 5-4-18

    It's hard for me to write posts that aren't very short.

    I have to find some way to release frustration at my current situation.

    It's like what I'm experiencing could be called frustration attacks as much as panic attacks.
  3. 94. What type of fear do you have?

    Something I posted on Facebook and came up today as a memory:

    -God woke me up the other day and this was being ministered in answer to a question I was asking the night prior... this was in relation to praying for a situation that a person I was discussing with, that was raised earlier in the day concerning the "power" of God manifest today.

    ~Does the fear of the Lord enable you to easily stand at Time Square NYC and put a bullhorn to your lips and ...
  4. Starting Points ( aka Baselines )

    If an ‘xxx’ view-point is based on a ‘xxx’ starting-point, then it might follow that if a starting-point is wrong, ( from the true truth ) then so must be the view-point.

  5. The second batch Dear Lord.

    We've done what we can today dear Lord ... Now I'm tired and will rest till you restore my strength is my request, dear Lord ... I lie upon my bed and write my request I'm surprised I still have the strength to write dear Lord ... Why should I be surprised my request you're answering as I write dear Lord ...

    Listening to Matthew 21.

    Good morning ...I suppose the whole point of having this page on thoughts is to be able to come here and write ... It's Sunday

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