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  1. 4-3-08

    I went with Mom and Dad to see the oncologist today. Wow. He and his nurse are absolutely amazing. They spent 2 hours in there with us talking to us (at our level) and answering our questions. Very nice and helpful. (Thank you Daddy!)

    To sum up the 2 hour meeting in a few lines, Mom goes tomorrow to get some more information about the chemo and how it can affect her body as well as having a genetics test done (that's a long story for another time perhaps. I don't have time at the moment ...
    My mother's battle
  2. Good Morning Lord

    Good Morning everyone

    In my daily devotions this morning I was moved to ask you, who post and read in this forum this question.

    What part of your life have you noticed is being sacrificed in order for you to put all the time you do on the internet? Is it your family time, or your prayer time, how about your devotional time between you and God? Which is it that you have put aside so that you can spend hours upon hours on the internet surfing, chatting, and posting endlessly? ...
  3. 3-31-08

    I must first praise the Lord. Father, I love you so much! You amaze me with the blessing you pour out on my mother, and how you are helping her through this and keeping her spirits so high!

    Mom is doing very well. At this point, she is working everyday and doing everything she normally does.

    Thursday (April 3rd) she will go to her first appointment with her oncologist. He is the same person who did chemotherapy with my grandfather when he had lung cancer, both times. She ...
    My mother's battle
  4. Drained

    The past few months have been emotionally draining. After my sweetheart left on the 6th of January, we've had some of the toughest months to date. I cannot deny that being apart has begun to take its emotional toll on me. Over the past few weeks, I have been randomly waking up at night with my mind racing a mile a minute and my heart beating in my chest. Anxiety, friends tell me.

    This weekend, I ruined my sweetheart's weekend. The big problem is that we cannot sit face-to-face, look ...
  5. Good Shepherd

    I am the Sheepgate that preserves my flock;
    ....through me they enter and safely go out.
    I am the Shepherd who supplies their needs,
    ....leading them forth in prosperity and peace.
    I am the Savior who offers them life;
    ....I, the Abundant Life poured out to them.

    Savior and Shepherd, Lifegate now opened,
    ....Freely pour out to us all that we need.
    Let us hear Your voice, still gently calling
    ....And turn again to ...