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  1. I Am A Baby Christian

    I know I am a baby Christian, and, that I have a lot of growing up to do. I feel like I can do anything, and, everything when I have the LORD by my side. He is my rock, my foundation for the rest of my life.

    I may not be as smart as some of you here, and, some of the people in this world like my favourite preracher Pat Robertson, but, I am smart enough to know that Jesus died for my sins, and, I feel that should be the biggest thing on everyone's mind when they feel like they cannot ...
  2. "Rejection"A hurtful word that can break a heart from the start of Life

    I've been thinking (not to scare myself of course)But, I feel like I need to lighten the load a little. So much on my mind like "overload"Can also be embarrassing.Lots of folks may not deal with such as "Rejection".I think I have since I was a small child. No, I am sure that's where it started and has continued all my life. I guess I could make up excuses but, I'd rather not.Honesty, that's what it's got to be~~ even the embarrassment that seems to never go away.I ...
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  3. Exciting News!!!!!

  4. Your name is on His hand

    You're on the phone and you need to write something down but you don't have any paper handy. You want to make sure you don't forget anything so what do you do? If you're like me, you write it on your hand. I frequently make notes on my hand. It's handy and easy to refer to. I don't forget things I've written on my hand.

    Did you know that God has your name written on His hand? He has. It is there in Isaiah 49:16. You are so important to God that He has written your name on His hand. ...
  5. Lessons from the book of Job

    A lesson from the book of Job.

    How often in life do we seem to forget who it is we really serve. How often it is that we misinterpret the suffering of this world for punishment from God. As I ponder these thoughts I am seemingly brought to the plight of Job, a righteous servant and believer in God (Job 1:8). God counted Job as one of his own, yet Satan made the statement that if he were allowed to put Job to the test, Job would turn and curse him. Satanís ...