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  1. 4-22-08 Update

    Mom is doing much better today! She even worked in her flower garden a bit. Thank you Daddy!!!!!
    My mother's battle
  2. 4-22-08

    Yesterday Mom went for her first bloodwork test after her first chemo last Monday. She went to work for awhile and started feeling bad, so she got an earlier appointment and went on in.

    When she got there, she told the oncologist about how bad of a week she had. They weighed her and she had lost 5 pounds since last Monday. They ended up keeping her several hours and gave her an IV with 4 different medicines in it (Mom couldn't remember what they were all for.) She ended up having to ...
    My mother's battle
  3. 4-20-08

    On Friday, Mom felt the worst that she had all week. When I called to talk to her, Dad said she didn't even want to talk on the phone.

    She went to the doctor that afternoon and he said the reason she had felt as bad as she need was not just the chemo... mainly it was because of the shot she was given on Tuesday (to raise her white blood cell count). Yesterday when I called she felt better and we talked for awhile. She sounded better too. She said if she feels better this morning she ...
    My mother's battle
  4. Take A Stand!

    [COLOR=Blue].. In the Revelation to John, chapter 3, verse 16 we find that Jesus has not changed His mind from the time He taught here on the Earth. Jesus does and has always desired that people be honest and not try to "fit in" with the current movement. The [I]lukewarm [/I]man or woman in this verse will not hold firmly to a position they have determined to be the truth.
    .. [B][I]Life example.[/I] [/B]When I was being raised, from the age of ten years through the time I separated ...
  5. Obama disconnect...

    I can already tell that I will be having a more difficult time than usual this upcoming political season.

    So I was reading about Barrack Obama's impression of the debate last night. Here is his take. (From
    Throughout much of the ABC News forum, Obama was on the defensive, tackling questions about his patriotism, understanding of small-town America and his association with the incendiary remarks of his former pastor.