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  1. 1st post of 2009: God is amazing.

    I want this to be my message for tonight: I've been overwhelmed by our beautiful God. Even though the end of 2008 was a sad struggle for me as I said goodbye to an engagement that wasn't meant to be.... the whole entire time, God was pulling me closer. He reminded me of the many, many blessings I have: a wonderful family, sweet friends, and even the blessing of a new half-brother I'm just getting to know now!

    The Lord is my strength and my song. Truly. I can honestly say that despite ...
  2. Voices

    From the ashes of time I can hear hollow laughter,
    Calling me, calling me, to the hereafter.
    Forgotten voices and vile lying tongues,
    Who penned morals tainted by God's fallen sons.

    Empty it rings in the stillness of night,
    Whilst soft blackened velvet helps shadow the Light.
    Curling, unfurling, gray fingers of vice,
    Destroying my life

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  3. Angel Poem - written by an 8 year old

    One of my students decided to write during free choice time today. She wrote this on her own and then gave it to me at the end of the day as a gift. I thought it was so sweet (and good too!!)

    Dear Angel sent from Heaven above
    Your eyes are so filled with love,
    Shining down like a twinkling star,
    Protecting me, from where you are
    To way down here where I am
    Helping me whenever you can.
  4. Evolution vs Creation

    I've posted this a few times in response to questions in CA. To keep it somewhere I can find it easily, I figured I'd post it here too.


    If scientists could conclusively prove that life evolved from nothing by chance the Church would die out very quickly. Likewise if Christians could conclusively prove that God exists then the theory of evolution would soon be forgotten. Therefore we have to work with what we can observe and draw our own conclusions, since ...
    Spiritual thoughts
  5. Whilst We Slumber

    Whilst We Slumber
    Whilst we in sweet and silent slumber
    Are dreaming in our beds at night,
    Animals in a great number
    Exist with no relief in sight.

    Bars of cages, built to hold
    Them in bondage all their days;
    Floors beneath them hard and cold -
    What a horrid, awful waste.

    Under the waxing/waning moons
    They gaze up at God's twinkling