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  1. Hi this i think is meant to be a blog

    Hey apparently this is my blog.

    So am i meant to write stuff on this blog. I hope someone find me interesting to read. Well here go i will blurt out stuff. Ready?

    Well hi there i am fifteen and live in Wellington New Zealand. I love living in windy wellingtion as people like to call it, quite warm at the mo tho and barely a whisper of wind.

    I read several other blogs on this website before and i was impressed, how could these people write for that long, like ...

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  2. God can even use my cat!...

    Let's just say I'm not the best person to have a pet...I like them and all, I just don't relate to them like some of you do.
    We have a cat. We have had her for 14 years. My kids adored her and spoiled her. She was a happy cat...and then my children grew up and left the home...I have a cat. Her name is Tanya:

    Every day, every single day, every hour Tanya meows for canned food.

    This morning as I was trying to do a Bible study...she started meowing. I ignored ...
  3. And so it begins...

    So, this is my first blog here. I feel a little daunted, as though I should suddenly start spouting great words of theological depth or something... when, in all reality, I will probably only ramble about the little things that matter to nobody else but me... and God too, I suppose!

    I guess the biggest thing that's going on in my life at the moment is applying for my first job. This is something I have been putting off even thinking about for months, and it has taken a lot of time ...
  4. Love, Barbara

    by , Feb 22nd 2008 at 07:13 PM (My small part in appreciating the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.)
    In Christís Love,


    Through the years, I have had a love/hate relationship with this woman named Barbara. A beautiful woman from the inside out she is. I learned many wonderful lessons from her. She carried with her what some may not understand, Christís love.

    I say it was a love/hate relationship because I, me, being unable in those times to understand the depth of her walk with Jesus. Oh, I thought I could, but my heart was not open ...
  5. Why i nearly left the board

    It al started at the end of last year coming towards then end of the term (end of november almost)
    Everything that is written below is from that time. It is a letter that I wrote to Benjamin O'Donnel, who is one of my best friends over the internet. It should explain the most important reasons. I will leave it exactly as it was written. I must make it clear that most of it has changed in my own mind since then. It was just a passing phase, but it did yield some good things: