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  1. Whilst on the phone.

    Nicknames from home.

    I said to my Wife while on the phone be careful what you say … We've got Di the spy and the _ _ _ all listening in … Of course we've known about Di who lives in number 34 … Tommy tombstone just down the hill and John the butcher up the hill … Whether your John the scone or Di the spy be careful what you say.

    Listening and reading John 11. Alan

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  2. A great soap.

    A great Soap.

    I have a great soap people can smell it when they draw near ... The soap is not very dear giving confidence on ones hands there's less bacteria ... It's a manly soap I use on my body ... Hold on where am I going with this poem I think I'll change soap to hope in Jesus ... He washes away our sins the words I wanted to use he takes away the smell of fear ... Were as soap is not the hope but can take away the smell of bacteria.

    Listening and reading ...
  3. I look through the window.

    I look through the window as the clouds go by ... Many years I have watched as they pass by ... The same piece of sky probably till the day I die ... A house I have been given to live in and look out of ... As the clouds through the window and time goes by ... It's not my house it's not my sky only borrowed till my last sigh ... Thank you Jesus for being with me when I look out sigh and die.

    Reading and Listening to John 10.
    As I pass by. Alan
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  4. A traveller out of time.

    A traveller out of time.

    All those wonderful stories from so long ago … Yet in the breadth of a hair you can be here or there … You are not restricted as we are here … I will now relax and listen to one of those wonderful stories of old … You have a plan for woman and man … If only we could believe the one who doesn’t deceive … It’s a gift of Jesus if we can perceive.

    Listening and Reading to John 9. Alan
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  5. A day to remember so.

    I have been so busy today I cannot remember what was said . as I listened with intent … I had to go to where I'd read and remember what was said … We have wonderful technology we are so blessed as long we don’t forget it cannot take Jesus’s place … To think I can communicate with you so far away sharing God’s love for giving us his Son … I try to share my simple life living with my dear Wife … We had a new TV to fix upon the wall when it was done my Wife thanked me for what I do …

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