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  1. 36. When witnessing, have God covering your back!

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    Roger, here is something that I'll toss in since I do not agree with your statement as you wrote it out. As is, what you said is not correct concerning witnessing and salvation. You see it's not "their" (the Apostles) authority that was being confirmed... it's was God's authority which you did say. BUT, the way you said the statement, you will have people believing it's only the Apostles and "them" proving what "they" say as a witness. Again, this is not true and it's quite a false statement as
  2. 5-24-11

    I may or may not be able to get on here during the next few days.

    I've been doing a lot of thought about many things.

    I've noticed that many people are so focused on how bad the world currently is, that they don't even seem to think about what the world could potentially BECOME.

    I'll be the first to say that the current condition of the world is HORRIBLE.

    I'm not under the illusion, however, that the current condition of the world is ...
  3. 5-21-11

    The blood transfusion didn't help as much as we hoped it would.

    Again, I have to post that I may not be able to post on here for a while.

    My grandmother has gone way down hill since I said in an earlier blog that I may not be able to post on here for a while.

    This time, I really may not be able to post on here for a while.
  4. Resisting The Devil

    I used to avoid the book of James like the plague. Not because I didn't believe it, but because of a false teaching I heard on the double-minded man. Because of this teaching, every time I read that verse, I was robbed of my faith; so I avoided it. But one day, after years of an insatiable appetite to get closer to the Lord, after years of pursuing Him with a passion, He brought that verse to my remembrance. Really, it was just that phrase, double-minded man, and it concerned me that maybe ...
  5. successful blood transfusion

    I'm getting on here just to give an update. I'm exhausted right now and will have to wait to do anything else on here.

    My grandmother just got back home from the blood transfusion.

    Shortly, I think I'm going to take a nap for at least a few hours.