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  1. Monotheistic Dances part 5

    Last chapter, I took you on a short history of Christianity in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, just to give you a feel for how history affects the subject. Christianity went through many changes, and then seemed to repeat those changes. Islam went through a period of consolidation, and then has remained the same for more than seven hundred years. Judaism, is changing since the nineteenth century in the form of Messianic Judaism, and Modern reform Judaism. For Christians, many of the old ...
  2. Monotheistic Dances part 4.2

    In the last part, we looked at Mormonism in comparison to the three Monotheistic religions. It was a polytheistic religion that skated on pagan ice. It took the Bible and twisted it into the mold of Mormon revelation. It claims to be Christian, but a new kind. However, I have never been able to figure out what kind. It seeks to restore what even the Koran repudiates, and does so in terms that echo the old Moslem charge of 'say not three'. In so doing, it just opens a Pandora box of speculation that ...
  3. Monotheistic Dances part 4

    In considering the three Monotheistic faiths, we saw that there were differences in how the term 'Monotheism' was defined. Christian Monotheism is unique in its use of the term 'trinity' to fully describe their view of Monotheism.Judaism and Islam have always denied this, claiming the concept is promoting three gods. Mohammad saw the concept 'three' as polytheism and opened the Christians to the charge of shirk, or associating something with Allah that should never be done.
    In more recent ...
  4. Monotheistic Dances part 3

    When we consider the three great Monotheistic religions, some want to see all the things that make them equal. But, to a 'true believer' they are all different in the places that count. Christianity and Islam, of late, have been tried to be glued together under 'Chrislam' all in the name of peace and religious syncretism. Indeed, Mohammad, in seventh century Arabia, tried to do a little 'rewriting' of his own.
    According to the Koran, Allah sent messengers and prophets to the Jews, of ...
  5. The Wednesday evening film club.

    Hello ... I'm now showing a film each week on Wednesday evening on my website ... so if you are interested please come and watch with me ... you can visit anytime ... I remember the Wednesday evenings many years ago ... Kind Regards Alan :-)

    The words (a link to my website)

    P.S. you'll have to bring your own ice cream ... Oh bye the way I've changed the site name to "The Words" ... after watching the gospel of John film ... a film either brings spiritual death

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