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  1. So Spiritual.

    So Spiritual.

    Posted on January 22, 2014

    unfortunately there’s an old nature to contend … Were all the nastiness dwells … Even if we are so spiritual we are vulnerable … Stay close to Jesus talk read and listen to his words … Don’t give up keep on trusting when we’ve had enough don’t forget people are waiting to hear what we have to say … How else will the gospel be spread if we give up and hide ourselves away not prepared to say what has been said … Pray today and Jesus ...
  2. New Life.

    New Life.

    Oh dear Lord you've blessed me with a Wife so fine … So tall in spirit physical stature so small … Indomitable Spirit so divine … There’s more to this life if only I could explain … Physical life is not all there is … The flesh will fail but Jesus has promised a better life … Oh Absalom my Son my Son how I did cry and mourn but after all you are a King’s Son I was there when you were born … Is this all there is Suffering and pain …. Imagine one day how it will be when new ...
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  3. Anger.

    Anger in haste can really devastate … Patience with those we love can deviate from haste that in anger can devastate.

    Listening to 2 Samuel 18 Also Acts 8. Alan
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  4. Perverse.


    One man or woman a Church does not make … But one man or woman who is perverse a Church can break … Why does the world seek the consent of the house of the Lord to commit their ways which are against the words spoken in the Bible … Jesus’s people will barely scrape through so how will they enter in to the Kingdom of God that belong to the ways of the world … Jesus died for the sins of the world please open our eyes to see wrong from right … Judgement will come upon the Church ...
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  5. Marriage.


    Marriage is a life changing experience ordained of God … Was it planned so as we experience what it would be like … As one day we’ll be going to a wedding feast … But I will talk about what marriage is about … We the Church the body of Christ are a bride to be married in white without spot or blemish not in the flesh where sin has had its way … The incorruptible given of God the spiritual one without sin that lives within … Learning the different levels of love as we live ...
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