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  1. He who began a good work in you.

    He who began a good work in you.

    Although my Wife and I have a challenge ahead of us … What’s new … Since the day in Church or even before that when we … I say we because in any marriage or partnership we face things together … I received the honour of being a Deacon … It was said through prophecy there would be many mountains to climb in our lives … And their certainly has been … My Wife and I would be put on a spiritual motorbike and when these mountains appeared and we needed the ...
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  2. Doing research on Arminianism is extremely frustrating.

    I think I have a pretty good basic understanding of what Calvinism teaches, especially the TULIP doctrine.

    I'm attempting to understand Arminianism's Five Articles Of Remonstrance and I'm not quite sure what they're saying.

    I can't come to the conclusion that a religious belief system is un-Biblical without first understanding what it does and doesn't teach and I don't fully understand what Arminianism does and doesn't teach. Maybe I should leave out the word "fully" ...
  3. Yesterday today tomorrow.

    Yesterday I eat some rubbish food and today or this morning I felt rubbish ... Is it right to say rubbish food ... I would say I am thankful for my food ... Over the years I have found the different foods have an effect on the way I feel ... The reason being because of my health conditions ... Some foods don't cause pain some do cause pain so I try to avoid or eat less of some foods ... This observation has gone on for many years possibly thirty ... I have often prayed that these thorns would be ...
  4. I've been doing a lot of thought on doctrine lately...

    This touches on many different issues.

    I've been attending a Church Of The Nazarene for at least a decade now.

    I've seen a good side and a bad side to it.

    I conclude more and more that going too far one way can be just as bad as going too far the other.

    In the Church Of The Nazarene, it is strongly stressed that after getting saved, a person shouldn't just go right back to whatever it was that they were doing wrong before. In and of itself, ...

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  5. Registered members.

    Registered members.

    I would like to thank all 5,001 registered members for signing up … That's my site ... Here on Bibleforums there's over 30,000 ... The membership grows everyday … I know Jesus is watching over us … I try to share with you the simple things in life that can have a profound understanding of the spiritual life that first starts with the physical … Don’t kill the messenger as they did in the Bible … The spirit of the world cannot understand ...

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