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  1. still attempting to upgrade my knowledge

    I'm attempting to figure out such things as: Are the Old Testament and the Tanakh the same thing?

    I'm attempting to learn more about Canaan.

    I'm attempting to learn more about Assyria and Babylonia.

    I'm trying to learn more about the Philistines.


    Not as much Bible related, I'm attempting to upgrade my knowledge on the Philippines.
  2. 40. Deliverance

    I wrote up the notes from the Bible Study this past Sunday. Here is a portion about deliverance that I spoke and decided to drop into a blog entree.

    >> We want to overcome any of the sin in our life, temptation is placed before us and some fall into it and sin. We all seem to know what the word, “deliverance” means. However, Christians tend to utilize that word in what I refer to as, “Christianese”. Some throw the word, “deliverance” all around and they truly don’t know what it is, ...
  3. Friday

    by , Nov 11th 2011 at 05:07 PM (Inner thoughts, ramblings and other stuff)
    Today my elbow is bothering me greatly. I'm a bit stiff but other than that I don't feel too bad.

    I'm going to start with Vitamins B and D1. After about a month I may add additional vitamins. Prayer helps more than anything.
  4. Forced sterilization in North Carolina persisted until the 1970s

    Evil eugenics program right here in America persisted until the 1970s. The victims primarily poor.

    Mon Nov 7, 2011 9:09 AM EST

    By Michelle Kessel and Jessica Hopper
    Rock Center
    Elaine Riddick was 13 years old when she got pregnant after being raped by a neighbor in Winfall, N.C., in 1967. The state ordered that immediately after giving birth, she should be sterilized. Doctors cut and tied off her fallopian tubes.

    “I have to carry these ...
  5. My journey begins

    by , Nov 8th 2011 at 03:05 PM (Inner thoughts, ramblings and other stuff)
    It's official. My diagnosis is Fibromyalgia. Now I know. I have been sick and in pain for longer than I can recall. I didn't understand at all what was going on in my body. Why I was physically unable to do so many things I desired to do. If I didn't get enough sleep I was a mess. Literally. My head hurt so often. My bowels acted up. I was depressed to the point I cried the majority of the day all too often. My house work suffered. I was impatient with my children, husband and ...

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