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  1. James...part 34

    In 'It Is All a Matter of Attitude'

    When I was in college my professor, whom you never challenged for accuracy, told us this report of fish as a scientific fact. (Yes, I know, 'facts are facts' but he did describe the experiment; so some one actually spent time and money messing around with fish.) It seems that someone wanted to study reactions to various situations and relate it to behavioral growth in children. ('Fish and children' sounds like someone is 'angling' for ...
  2. Musings_number_one

    "God's Ultimate Concern"

    In looking at creation, I have always seen the hand of God working to make something that He can love and receive love from at the same time. The whole history laid out in the bible, if we take it as a true revelation, seems to point to that one idea. If Jesus is the summation of what was started in Genesis one, than John 3:16 is more than just a banner at a sporting event, and shows us more than the eyes of Tim Tebow. (He has the verse reference painted ...
  3. very frustrated

    Lately, I haven't been doing a very good job of keeping the wrong things out of my mind.

    I'm not denying for one instant that a large part of this is due to my own sin nature. But, having said that, a lot of the people around me aren't exactly helping the situation, either, to put it very, very mildly.

    I can't help but be hesitant to accuse someone of not accepting any responsibility.

    I understand more and more that when a person is frustrated, often ...
  4. He Who Has Begun a Good Work In You Will Finish It.

    Anger, lust/covetousness, impatience, whatever your problem, if you are aware that it's a problem, consider yourself blessed.

    Recently I was talking with a close friend, and as we shared our spiritual struggles with one another, knowing that our struggles are similar we began to realize just how God has blessed us. Not just because we have someone that understands us, and not just because that understanding helps us to know how to pray for one another, strengthening one another. ...
  5. 46. Bible Study Interim 6 on 6 Jan 12

    Bible Study Interim 6 on 6 Jan 12

    Note: We return to the regular Bible Study -Armor of God on 8 Jan 12. End of Note.

    Continuing on with what the Lord leads me to write:

    At the beginning of this week a HUGE snow storm was to move through the area where I live. As for me, I was happy because I LIKE SNOW and love the winter season. I was in expectation OF this storm that was forecasted to come through our state.

    I also began to view comments found ...