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  1. Godly Pastors

    If u want to be a godly,effective pastor, LEARN what godly,effective pastors do, then DO it! This applies to all vocations......just saying
  2. James...part 25

    'The Answer that Reverberates'

    Can you hear it? Does it shout at you? Does it get lost in the background noise of your life? Is it---uhh---sorry???? Ohhhhh, yeah. Sorry, I should remind you. At the close of the last part, I simply quoted James question in chapter 3: "13 Who is wise and understanding among you?..." It could sound a little sarcastic if just left alone, or maybe just draw some puzzled looks, but he follows it with a challenge, '...Let them show it by their good life, ...
    Theology , Teaching
  3. KJV only cult?

    The use of multi-translations to find truth allows the Christian to use their reason, logic, ideas, and what their "flesh" wants as truth to be their personal truth. So much to the point the person who does this will take what they have work out as truth so personal they will not accept correction. The most dangerous in this is when the immature (not learned in the way of God) Christian does this. This is because they are not grown enough in the faith to allow the Holy Spirit to guide ...
  4. My grandmother turns 87 today.

    Well, it's turned out that I'm able to post on here somewhat more often than I thought I would be. I'm not real confident that it will last though.

    Anyway, my grandmother turns 87 today.
  5. Please, pay attention

    As a school bus driver, this is truly our worst nightmare. The moment, the slow seconds, where we see disaster coming is the worst feeling in the world. We'd throw ourselves in front of that car to save your child, but we sit there helpless hoping somehow what we see potentially happening is avoided. I'm guessing it will be a time before that bus driver is able to get back behind the wheel.
    Daily Life , Family