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  1. 7-25-11

    I am AMAZED my grandmother is still alive right now.

    I have serious doubts that she is going to make it through today.

    My nerves are shot beyond anything I ever previously comprehended.
  2. 07-24-11

    Today, my grandmother has continued to overexert herself.

    If any of us were to try to stop her, she would get angry, and THAT would be possibly even greater overexertion.

    I can see the situation here rapidly going down hill, real soon.
  3. 7-23-11

    Earlier, many grandmother was having pain from her head to one of her shoulders/arms.

    My every instinct tells me something is about to happen.

    Again, it's possible that I might not be able to get on here for a while. I just don't know yet.
  4. 7-21-11

    I've been trying not to make the blogs repetitive, but I'm more and more convinced that that can be very hard to do.

    I've been trying to upgrade my Bible knowledge.

    One area of this is Assyria and Babylonia.

    From what I understand, Syria and Assyria were two different countries/nations. Thus, the Syrian nationality and the Assyrian nationality were two different nationalities.

    From what I understand, there still is a Syria and a Syrian ...
  5. 7-16-11

    I have come to realize, from personal experience, more than ever before, that the more a person tolerates evil, the more tolerant of evil that person becomes.

    It works on the principle of putting a frog into a pot of lukewarm water, and then gradually turning up the temperature.

    I have really come to question the morality of many of the choices I've made during the last several years.