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  1. 3-20-12

    Today was a legs workout at the gym.

    I also did part of another exercise class.

    Again, I had to walk out before the exercise class was over. Again, it was humiliating because everybody else in the class was middle age women. Yes, I just posted that on the Internet.
  2. - The Vessel –

    1 Corinthians 1:27, “God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty”

    The Master was searching for a vessel to use; on the shelf there were many - which one would He choose? "Take me,” cried the gold one, "I'm shiny and bright, I'm of great value, and I do things just right. My beauty and luster will outshine the rest and for someone like You, Master, gold would be the best!" The Master passed on with ...
  3. 3-19-12

    I joined a local gym today.

    At the gym today, I did two arms workouts. It was an "arms day".

    I plan for tomorrow to be a "legs day".

    I plan to go by the formula of: an "arms day" one day and a "legs day" the next day, back and forth.

    The idea is to give a whole day for the muscles in one part of the body to heal.
  4. 50. Bible Study Interim 8 on 16 Mar 12

    This week I was able to visit a city and do some walking around. The parking garage was a distance away from the destination so I was able to walk several blocks to the area I was to visit. While walking, I had crossed a street and an older lady was standing on the curb on the side I crossed over too. She asked, “Has the light changed so I can cross?” Or something like that. I looked up and saw only a stop sign. I looked down at the cane she had and saw that it was a white cane with a red end. Not ...
  5. * Rwanda Genocide

    Quote Originally Posted by Itinerant Lurker View Post
    Would anyone who had the power to save hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, and children from being shot, tortured, beaten, raped, and hacked to death with machetes but chose to do nothing be considered moral? Of course not, but god apparently gets a free pass simply for being god. This strikes me as nothing short of heinous.

    When something good happens, then god is good; when evil occurs, god is inexplicably mysterious. Better yet, god charitably declines to intervene