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  1. World.

    As the world goes on it's way
    unawares were it goes ...
    How can it know if there not
    shown the way it goes ...
    I will endeavour to relate in this
    piece of earth the way Jesus goes ...
    Hedge your bets Jesus is the best
    way to see how it goes ...

    Listening to Matthew 6.
    Tags: world.
  2. Man.

    Purity and Holiness.

    Why should I gaze on the evil of man ... Were is the purity and Holiness in man ... Is there nothing better I can explore than the evil of man ... My only hope is in Jesus who died to rid evil in man ...

    Listening to 1 Timothy 4:12.
    Tags: holiness, purity
  3. What can I have when I wake.

    A Powerful hope ...

    You bring us hope when there is no hope ... Righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Ghost ... If you use these powerful words you must know there not mine ... They were given to all but few to understand ...

    Listening to Matthew 6.
    Tags: hope, powerful
  4. 1-1-18

    I'm back to reading the New King James Version of the Bible.


    Time and time again, I've told myself and others that I'm not going to continue living with my grandmother much longer. Time and time again, I chose to extend how long I continue living with my grandmother. As of right now, assuming she lives to 94, and that she isn't put in a nursing home and/or hospital, and is no longer living in her house, I intend to stay until she turns 94. Then, I will probably extend ...

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  5. Don't stop ...

    Don't stop by the wayside ... Keep walking.

    We today have the advantage over the old way ...
    We don't have the old upon our backs today ...
    We have nothing holding us back the old way ...
    We have the new covenant to walk in today ...

    Listening to John 8.

    My dream.

    To my left I see an old and fascinating 🌲... On I go past the old and fascinating 🌲 ...My pace is quicker no time to look at the ...

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