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    by , Aug 11th 2014 at 01:44 PM (The Effect of Darwin's Theory on Christianity in Europe.)
    The bible said that the wages of sin is death. Physical death is the absence of consciousness and sentience notably on the mortal, but spiritual death has more far reaching implications. On this side of the spectrum, the atheist and other non-Christ believers’ fear of death is limited to the expiration of the mortal body. Unfortunately, death transcends the physical into the spiritual and this is the second death Rev 21: 8.

    Understanding the concept of death and its destructive ...

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  2. Superman.


    If we think we are invulnerable because we have a new life in Jesus ... Think again ... Temptation can have its way ... Do we feel remorse . Is our conscience seared . or is it sensitive to sin .. Do we feel we might lose our salvation because of what we've done ... Or can we ask forgiveness and we will be forgiven once again ... Or do we look at what caused us to sin and say I can't resist please help me Lord ... It's me that needs your help not that which caused me to sin ...
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  3. Words and wood.

    Simple and right.

    It's a joy to write if the words are simple and right ... It was a joy to work with wood not having the skill to write ... So what happened was it something that happened overnight ... I don't really know perhaps .. it's to do with my new life ... Having something to write about Jesus that's simple and right ... There was something natural working with wood a learning curve would take it to where it should ... There was something spiritual to talk as I should ...

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  4. The weeds.

    The weeds.

    As life's energy fades do not be afraid ... This is how life has been made . do not be afraid ... If Adam and Eve had not been deceived ... If Jesus hadn't died upon a cross it would be our loss ... So as life fades don't be deceived ... Fear is like a weed it grows where it needs ... The weed feeds and feeds drawing on our seed ... The wind comes and blows it's seed ... Landing where it may . I've come here to take your faith away .. I'm a seed of doubt ... I have no powers
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  5. Small diminutive way.

    Small diminutive way.

    Sometimes we have to let things drift away ... Back to the way and let the rest drift away ... Easier said than done .. Make things simple . Jesus knows the way ... Make things plain and simple my son it's following me is the way ... I see a silhouette upon the wall a shadow of the real thing that the light shines through ... Let your light so shine through me ... So it'll be Jesus they really see ... Thank you Lord for saving me .. From deepest depths of ...
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