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  1. Judgment . . . war . . . and the defeat of Satan . . .

    Recently, I have thinking about judgment, war, and the defeat of Satan.

    Indeed, several scriptures in the book of Revelation indicate that Satan has been cast out of heaven to the earth and so on.

    And we know that Satan is not omnipresent.


    Therefore, he can be in one "general" place only.

    So, I would like to provide some of my thoughts about Satan and his general disposition today.

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  2. 30. Know God vs. Know about God - the "isms" problem

    I received a rep for post #35 and it was great to receive this rep:

    Is Evangelism an "ism"? Good thread. Really out there in the bare nerves territory, but I think that is what you intended. I like the original devotional very much.
    This got me thinking yesterday morning after I read it and got ready for work. So while I got to work at 7am and not a person around… prime time to type out what the Lord ministered to me.

    First let me say that Evangelism is ...

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    By Avalanche and Bullhorn:
  3. James...part 10

    "Tempted...but not from God"

    So, we start verse thirteen with a contrast:

    13Let no one say when he is tempted, "I am being tempted by God"; for God cannot be tempted by evil, and He Himself does not tempt anyone.

    While faithfully seeking the wisdom to understand, when you are tempted to do sinful acts, that temptation does not come from God. James will lay out how and why we are tempted; but it does not start with God. Paul tells the ...
  4. I don't even know how to title this one...

    Lately, I haven't been doing a real good job of keeping the wrong things out of my mind.

    I'm rather angry at myself right now.

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  5. ad hominem arguments

    The formula of ad hominem arguments is:

    1. A person makes an argument.
    2. That person has some kind of flaw, character or otherwise.
    3. That person's argument is wrong.

    I've seen people I find to be downright VILE people make arguments that I think were valid. They may have had unrighteous ulterior motives for making those arguments, but that is beside the point. I still think the ARGUMENTS they made were valid. I've seen those people's arguments attacked ...

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