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  1. A Prayer in Times of Trouble

    A Prayer in Times of Trouble

    Upon my bed I lay me down
    My forehead drawn into a frown;
    Many troubles flung my way -
    Lord, I plead for help this day.

    Weak am I; my strength is gone
    My broken heart bereft of song;
    Lord please listen to my prayer;
    Help me now my burdens bear.

    All my thoughts are known to You;
  2. Christian Palestinianism

    Christian Palestinianism

    Written by: Dr. Thomas Ice

    Paul Wilkinson, a British Christian Zionist, recently included a chapter in his book For Zion's Sake[1] about a movement that is the polar opposite of Christian Zionism he termed "Christian Palestinianism." He defines it as "a relatively new, largely intellectual, professedly Christian, anti-Zionist movement [that] has sprung up alongside [Christian Zionism], which I have classified as Christian Palestinianism."[2] ...
  3. Wham Bam! Big Bang! (a children's poem)

    Wham Bam! Big Bang!
    (a children's poem)

    Zillions of years ago
    (So the 'Big Bang' theory goes)
    A boiling hot primordial mess
    Experienced far too much stress;
    It exploded with a 'Bang'
    Followed by a 'Wham' and 'Twang'!

    Wham Bam! Big Bang!
    Oh what nonsense; what a sham!

    The Universe was 'born' that day:

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  4. Angels Around Us

    Angels Around Us

    Angels around us hedging us in
    Beings we can't see because of first sin;
    God's mighty warriors; protectors of men
    Bringing us messages now and then.

    Angels above us and hovering nearby
    Millions of angels up high in the sky;
    If only our eyes could be opened we'd see
    That we are surrounded by Heaven's army.


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  5. Who is for the Lord?

    Who is for the Lord?

    He stood at the entrance leaning on his staff
    His anger; sorrow far too much to bear;
    The Israelites have made themselves a golden calf;
    They're prone to evil; blind and unaware.

    ''Whoever's for the Lord come unto me!''
    His voice fell like a knife upon their ears
    The Levites rallied close; from evil they did flee