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  1. My Brother; My King

    My Brother; My King

    My brother, Jesus, is older than me;
    Though we are both children it's plain to see
    That we're as different as chalk from cheese;
    I quarrel and fight; He advocates peace.

    While I am at play He wanders away
    Preferring to spend the cool of the day
    Talking to Himself (or so it may seem);
    A sensitive youth; a dreamer

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  2. The End of Days

    Here I am sitting pondering over the torrent of vivid dreams and nightmares I have every night. Some I don't remember I only remenber being startled in the middle of the night. An impending sense of "something is coming" still hangs in the night air. Its really quite strange almost as if the Spirit of God is trying to tell me something. One thing is clear Time is notonly short but very short. War with Iran is around the corner I don't need to be a prophet to see that writing clearly written ...