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  1. SHOOT'N FROM THE HIP: What God hath joined.... Part one.

    Folks my husband and I are learning what it means to be joined.... Together.... As one flesh.... It is difficult for us to do that.... As human beings.... And it.... Like all other things.... Is a learning experience....


    Yes we are joined together as one flesh in Gods eyes.... But that does not mean we have the same brain.... Mind you I am not talking about the same mind.... Because as Little Christ's we have the mind of Christ.... I am talking about ...
  2. This Moment in Time

    This Moment in Time
    The Past is frozen; it no longer flows;
    What's already happened, everyone knows.
    It's gone; it's solid - it cannot be changed;
    For better of worse it can't be exchanged.

    The Future's obscure; it has yet to come;
    A time of concern and fear for some;
    Looked forward to with ambition or lust -
    Much better to leave it with God

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  3. Today

    All too often, we waste precious hours
    Looking backward to help us find our way.
    Do not mistake the trials of the past
    As your defining moments of today.

    These are not definitions of ourselves,
    Just the keepers of an ancient sorrow.
    It is what we decide, here and now,
    That paves the way for a new tomorrow.

    The colors of this world are much brighter
    When we enjoy them as they are right now.
    Do not let the past blemish their ...
  4. The Pilgrim's Quest

    In the clear of a summer night,
    When stars dance with delight
    Around the moons radiant beams,
    I find myself lost in dreams.

    A stranger strolls a mountain trail
    Looking withered, weak, and pale.
    He walks the edge of a precipice;
    Peering into its dark abyss.

    The stars adrift in moonlit skies,
    Patiently watch with twinkling eyes.
    Waiting in fields of ebony,
    For him to choose his destiny.

    With Heaven above and ...
  5. The Sleeping Child

    Silently she sleeps.
    Softly breathing.
    Sweetly dreaming.

    I wonder what goes on in there;
    Beneath the layers of her hair.
    To her, the world is still so new;
    What does she see in her slumbering view?
    What occupies her resting eyes
    Beneath the flaxen layers of her hair?

    Does she sense her father's smile,
    Or see her mother's seemly style?
    Maybe, in that place of restful grace,
    She welcomes the Lord's embrace.