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  1. Refutation of a unscholarly individual 2

    So why is there all this cruelty in the world, which did God let the genocide occur in Rwanda why are there children dying from AIDS in Africa, why is Mugabe in Zimbabwe letting inflation skyrocket? If God is so omnipotent why does he let all this happen? What I aim to achieve through this is explain why an omnipotent God might let this injustice occur in our world.

    So anyway, in introduction…Charles Templeton was once a very strong believer who was great friends with Billy Graham ...
  2. "Pilgrim's Progress"

    Encouraging song by Steve Camp...

    Updated Jan 25th 2009 at 06:34 PM by angelwind

  3. Those Fruits

    "Your hearts have gone a-whoring from Him!"
    by Thomas Vincent (very challenging)
    ~ ~ ~ ~

    Those fruits

    (J. C. Ryle)

    The work of the Holy Spirit, though mysterious,
    will always be known by the fruits He produces
    in the character and conduct of those in whom
    He dwells. The presence of the Spirit is like . . .
    light which can be seen,
    fire which can be felt, and
    wind which causes
    Grace Gems
  4. Responding to an atheist at work.

    This Blog entry is for some of my friends who have been engaged in conversation with atheists recently.

    They have been asking about how to respond to different claims & arguments presented by an atheist.

    Here's an email exchange from my place of employment: one of my co-workers forwarded the "Ben Stein" email, where Ben voiced his opinion about atheism. Another co-worker friend of mine responded (company wide) to the email... and he is ...