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  1. I Owe It All to You, Lord

    I Owe It All to You, Lord
    You took my sinful heart, Lord
    And washed me white as snow.
    You took my broken life, Lord;
    You healed and helped me grow.

    You lifted burdens; broke my chains
    Changed despair into hope;
    You turned my losses into gains
    And filled me; helped me cope.

    I owe it all to You, Lord;

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  2. A Prayer for Friends in Pain

    A Prayer for Friends in Pain

    Many of us have special friends who live with chronic pain
    They suffer so much every day; that much is very plain;
    The only thing that we can do to help them in their plight
    Is to pray and ask the Lord to help them win the fight.

    Lord, You are all-powerful; aware of everything
    And it is with confidence that we now

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  3. Time's A-Ticking

    Time's A-Ticking
    I am sitting at my desk, intending to write
    But I'm uninspired and can say nothing right;
    Can't think of a topic; can't make up a rhyme
    So here I am sitting, wasting precious time.

    Tap-tapping on the keyboard; looking at the screen
    Thinking of a story, a lesson or a dream;
    Nothing comes to mind so I decide to get

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  4. Vision..evil words..

    I spent time meditating on the Lord today..actually I spent time with the Lord today..that is more realistic.

    Again I see it as if I am Heaven with Jesus and again like most times, people are joyful and in celebration. That is kind of vague my saying it like that isn't it? It doesn't really tell the reader anything...they could be imaging people standing in a church or temple all lined up in pews like in church singing..or floating around on clouds...

    So I guess ...
  5. Poem by John Newton

    Joy and Peace in Believing

    By John Newton

    1. Sometimes a light surprises
    The Christian while he sings;
    It is the Lord who rises
    With healing in his wings:
    When comforts are declining,
    He grants the soul again
    A season of clear shining,
    To cheer it after rain.

    2. In holy contemplation,
    We sweetly then pursue
    The theme of God's salvation,