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  1. Indians in general

    I mean Indians in the sense of indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere.

    I've been attempting to familiarize myself with the names of all Indian tribes. This is difficult, because there are probably thousands of them. Also, many of them have multiple names.

    There are larger groupings such as:

    the Northwest Coastal tribes, which includes the Kwakiutl, Bella Bella, Bella Coola, Salish, Tlingit, etc.

    the Great Plains tribes, which were ...

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  2. Who is He?

    Who is He?

    Who is this Jesus Whom you love - a babe upon some straw
    Whilst wise men bow down low to worship and adore?

    Do you perhaps envision Him walking upon the Earth;
    The quiet, gentle Teacher who came by virgin birth?

    Yet then, again, at times is He the Lamb upon the cross
    Maimed, broken, hurt and dying - God's sacrifice for us?

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  3. The Kingdom of God

    [SIZE=4] False foundations, paradigms, illegitimate structures, systems, and limitations must bow to the Father's Kingdom. His Kingdom is perpetually coming to earth, and one day will fill the earth in Father's glory, as the water covers the sea.

    The Kingdom of God is within us, and whether we are noticing it or not, will continue to break through on earth as it is in Heaven. The shaking must happen, and yet [/SIZE][B][SIZE=5]those who desire to live in His inheritance[/B][/SIZE][SIZE=4] ...
  4. moral/ethical relativism

    The Bible states that bad trees and bad vines produce bad fruit.

    I've seen moral/ethical relativism produce NOTHING BUT bad fruit: sin.

    I think it can be concluded that moral/ethical relativism is a bad tree and/or vine.
  5. Follow the Leader

    Follow the Leader

    I watched a film the other day
    About a man who went away -
    One day he simply upped and walked;
    He looked not at the sights nor talked
    But kept on moving through each day
    And from his course he did not stray.

    Quite soon he was joined by others;
    They bonded and became like brothers.
    Though that man

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