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  1. Angels Around Us

    Angels Around Us

    Angels around us hedging us in
    Beings we can't see because of first sin;
    God's mighty warriors; protectors of men
    Bringing us messages now and then.

    Angels above us and hovering nearby
    Millions of angels up high in the sky;
    If only our eyes could be opened we'd see
    That we are surrounded by Heaven's army.


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  2. Who is for the Lord?

    Who is for the Lord?

    He stood at the entrance leaning on his staff
    His anger; sorrow far too much to bear;
    The Israelites have made themselves a golden calf;
    They're prone to evil; blind and unaware.

    ''Whoever's for the Lord come unto me!''
    His voice fell like a knife upon their ears
    The Levites rallied close; from evil they did flee
  3. "Messianic": what does it mean?

    This is my very first attempt at "blogging", so please be patient.

    Dave Hunt has an interesting perspective on the term "Messianic". This is from The Berean Call Newsletter (Q & A, June, 2007):


    I have read your articles on replacement theology and Israel. You stated that Gentiles observing the festivals and other Torah laws were frauds. Could you please explain?


    That is not what ...
  4. Three Deceptions That Can Derail You From Your Destiny

    [I]Philippians 3:17 -- "Brethern, join in following my example, and observe those who walk according to the pattern you have in us."

    [/I][SIZE=4]Paul faced a major problem in the first century. False teachers had slipped into the Church. The apostle warned the Philippians, and us by extension, to recognize the differences between a true man of God and a deceptive teacher or prophet. Without any sense of false humility, Paul declared that both his vision and his spiritual ...
  5. Pillars of Faith

    Pillars of Faith

    Love, it's a word that has many definitions, connotations, both positive and negative, and a myriad of emotions. First of all, love is a verb and a noun. What is love to Christians? The Christian virtue of love is stated thus: Bearing wit one another, and forgiving one another, if anyone has a complaint; even as Christ forgave you, so you almost must do. But above all these things put on love which is the bond of perfection. Colo 3:12-13. So, love to a Christian ...