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  1. Hidden Treasure!!!!

    I thought this might encourage some of you that may think you can't or don't know how to witness to others about Jesus!!

    A Hidden Treasure --“The sower soweth the word.”(Mark 4:14)
    (by Kenneth Copeland)

    You have within you the all-powerful Word of God.

    Don’t keep it to yourself. Plant it wherever you go!! Sow it into the hearts of those you meet. Share it at every opportunity.

    “But I don’t know how!” ...
  2. Applying the Salt

    Applying the Salt

    According to a leading hypertension expert, Dr. Stephen Havas, of the University of Maryland Medical Center, 150,000 Americans die annually from too much salt in their diet. Research says adults in North America ingest, on average, nearly 4,000 mg of sodium every day. That far exceeds the recommended upper limit of 2,400 mg of salt daily.

    But really, your daily salt intake is none of my business. That is something you should discuss with your ...
  3. Look Up!

    Look Up!

    Night recedes and it's the birthing of a brand new morn;
    The skyline's all dressed up in the colors of the dawn.
    Soundlessly the sun climbs higher, lighting up the sky
    Pink and orange tinted clouds are softly sailing by.

    The sky is set ablaze in a rich and golden glow;
    Amazing men and woman who dwell here below.
    The crescent
  4. Who Did You Last Tell?

    Let's say your friend is dying from a deadly illness. It just so happened that two years ago you received the same bleak and crushing news from your doctor. The same diagnosis in the same part of your body. Through your research you came across a cure in Sweden or Switzerland or Swaziland and it was no hoax. You were cured 100%. Today as you read this you are enjoying a clean bill of health. Now you have just heard the news about your friend.

    What are you going to do? Even if she isn't ...
  5. Who's Rooting For You?

    My pastor friend in PEI sends these "bible bites" to me every week. I thought it would be nice to post them here for encouragement to others, as they have so encouraged me.

    When someone tells me they are rooting for me, I assume they are interested in my well being and my success. It's a nice feeling to know that someone is rooting for you. I was athletically challenged so I never felt the rush of having a bunch of people screaming: Rah Rah ...