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  1. Another Moment in Time

    In my last snapshot of what my family was facing, we were beginning to face the judges concerning our indiscretions. Unfortunately, while we were facing our judges, I buckled under the pressure, and fell once more. The judges ruled against us, and destroyed our family. I am ashamed to admit this.

    Fortunately, God is still good, for He has taken a horrible event, and caused both me and my wife to seek Him more earnestly. Currently, we are executing a plan by which the mistakes of ...
  2. In honor of Fathers

    In honor of Fathers day coming up I thought I would post this sermon I preached on Fathers day a couple years ago.

    Legacy of a Father

    Today I would like to introduce you to someone very special to me. My Father. I wish I could introduce you to him in person because he was a very special person, but he died several years ago. But he is as much a part of my life today as he was when he was alive. Of all the things I remember about Dad the one I remember best, ...
  3. Jews and the Church

    One thing that really causes angst to me is the way most "Christians" views Jews. They say things like, "God does not wants His People to be circumcised", "The Jews are not God's chosen people", and "the Mosaic Laws have been abolished". This, to me, shows just how much people who call themselves Christians know about God's dealings with Israel.

    1. God is not done with Israel.

    Paul asks the question in Romans 11:1, Has God cast ...

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  4. My Spiritual Birthday

    Yesterday was my 34th birthday in the Lord, I was saved June 6th, 1975 at a home prayer meeting also call a cottage prayer meeting.
    My Thoughts
  5. Four Dimensions of The Cross

    [/SIZE][FONT=Arial]The history of the cross goes back long before Christ came. But it was the Romans who used it on a massive scale to execute people. The victim was fastened to the cross by cords, or his hands were nailed, and he was left to die. Even with the heat of the sun, the pull of the body and the torture the victim had endured before being put on the cross, sometimes it took a week to die on a cross. It was one of the most terrible, painful ways to ...