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  1. My Superhero

    My Superhero
    The world is full of superheroes
    Decked in tights and flowing capes,
    But in truth they’re only zeroes;
    Strange cartoon-created shapes.

    Most are said to be quite strong -
    Endowed with strange, mysterious power;
    Their mission is to right each wrong
    Causing crooks to quake and cower.

    Some can jump and others fly;

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  2. Grief

    Dozens dead in Italian earthquake

    Actually that title is wrong...100 dead so far:

    L'AQUILA, Italy (CNN) -- Rescuers were digging through rubble with bare hands for survivors after a powerful earthquake hit central Italy Monday, killing dozens, leaving thousands homeless and devastating a historic city and nearby towns.

    The Italian Civil Protection Agency said the magnitude 6.3 earthquake's death toll stood at more than 100. Other media accounts showed
  3. They Walked With God

    They Walked With God
    Enoch, the seventh from Adam;
    A descendant of his third son Seth;
    The first-born son of Jared
    Never tasted decay and death.

    He was blameless, humble and upright
    And pleased God in all his ways;
    He walked with God and he talked with God
    Nigh a hundred thousand days.

    When he reached the age of

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  4. What Have They Done?

    What Have They Done?
    Where have all their morals gone; what have they done?
    They threw out the Word of God and His only Son.

    Why will they not follow God; care for His rod -
    To protect and comfort them; why the facade?

    Don't they care about their souls; want to be whole?
    Don't they fear the wrath of God and hell's fiery hole?

    Few are

    Updated Apr 6th 2009 at 01:06 AM by paidforinfull

  5. It Is Written ...

    It Is Written ...
    It is written God came down to Earth
    Conceived of the Spirit and by virgin birth;
    He came to live and die like a man
    And He likened Himself to an unblemished Lamb.

    They crucified Him that terrible day;
    Treacherous men had their treacherous way;
    The Angels wept as He hung on the cross
    Thinking His death an immeasureable