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  1. Amazonia

    Amazonia is a multinational region which includes parts of Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana.

    It's heart is the Amazon River. It also includes the Amazon River's tributaries, and their tributaries, and so on down to the level of small creeks, streams, brooks, etc.

    I've done some research on Amazonian Indian tribes. There have been Christian missionaries to at least some Amazonian Indian tribes.
  2. James.....part 9.1

    The 'Completed Seed'...

    When talking about scriptural meaning, or perceived meanings, the communicator can get his point across if he can use a concrete example, preferably one that the audience has seen a lot of and understands. Jesus did that with parables. The parables were usually images of what the hearers saw every day, but the usual meaning was a little different in Jesus teaching. The writers of the Gospels usually supplied the meaning by giving the explanation ...
  3. Ruth and Esther........part 1

    'Life on the Fringes'...

    "Life On The Fringe"

    Much of the Bible is a telling of history from a certain point of view, God's. It is His will and His love that drives what we call 'Biblical History', and it is that point of view that is most important. Indeed, it is that point of view which we call the Inspiration of Scriptures:

    2 Peter 1: 21For prophecy never had its origin in the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along ...
  4. The small intestine - the body's tennis court

    Most people can recognize the small intestine - that long squiggly organ where food goes after your stomach. It's also where most of the nutrients from food are absorbed into the bloodstream. And when it comes to absorption; the more surface area you have, the better.

    So the small intestine is designed to maximize interior surface area. All the kinks and loops the intestine has increases the s.a. twice. The epithelium lining the intestines have small extensions called villi. The ...
  5. The gift of cancer ~ my personal journey.


    The gift of cancer? What a crazy thing to say. Cancer is a hurtful, ugly disease. It can cause pain, disfigurement, disability and death. I am not making light of the disease for those who are battling, have lost the battle or the families and friends who love and care for them. I do know and understand the heartache. My heart and prayers are with those battling this disease. Please pray with me:

    "Lord, please encourage each person, ...

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