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  1. Gently guided off course

    I got to thinking about asteroids, and the possibility of an asteroid or comet striking the earth. It seemed relevant, so I thought I'd share it.

    If such an asteroid were spotted the process to save the earth would be pretty clear. We send a spacecraft to intercept it, plant some kind of charge against it, and divert its path by a tiny amount - possibly a small fraction of a degree. The difference is minimal, but by the time the comet reaches the earth's orbit it's moved far enough ...
    Spiritual thoughts
  2. Bible Study Techniques

    [/SIZE][FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=4][FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=4]A. Devotional Study (To be used in teaching)
    [/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=5][/SIZE][SIZE=4]Go directly to the Blble and read over a few times the portion to be taught. Then try answering the following questions:
    1. What does this portion teach about God the Father...the Son...the Holy Spirit?
    2. What does it teach about man?
    3. Are there any warnings to heed?
    4. Are there any commands ...
  3. Casper Learns to Share (a children's short story)

    Casper Learns to Share
    (by Belinda van Rensburg)

    Bobby Baboon lives with his family in the Kalahari Desert. His full name is actually Bob Scrufftail Longtooth van Kogel, but everybody calls him Bobby for short.

    Bobby's best friend's name is Casper. They are two very lively and inquisitive little baboons who are always getting into scrapes.

    As everybody knows ...
  4. Blowing The Lid Off Limitation

    [I]Matthew 28:19 - 'Go ye therefore, and [FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=5][FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=5]disciple [/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT]all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost."

    [/I][SIZE=4]Jesus has called us to live extreme lives as history makers who live in constant increase as we go about transforming the world for His glory and His kingdom -- just as He did!

    [/SIZE][I]John 17:21,22 - [COLOR=#ff0000]"That they ...