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  1. Authority of The Believer

    [/SIZE][I][FONT=Times New Roman]Luke 10:19 -- [/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=#ff0000][FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=#ff0000]"Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing will injure you."[/I][/COLOR][/FONT][/COLOR][/FONT][FONT=Arial]
    [/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman]
    [I]Genesis 1:26 -- "And God said, Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness: and let them have ...
  2. Confused...

    That is exactly how I feel. I dont understand why any of this stuff is happening. I'm so tired and I'm sick of feeling like crap when I wake up in the morning. I'm fighting, I'm listening to praise music, reading my Bible, praying, and reading Christian books. I need God to fill up my heart, my mind, my soul. I need more and more and more and still more of him. Because I am so lost. I have been slowly fading away and I have lost my first real love. I have been so dissapointed and so heartbroken...all ...
  3. Pause, Reflect -- What Am I Doing?

    [I][U][SIZE=4]1 Kings 19:9[/U] 9Then he came there to a cave and lodged there; and behold, the word of the LORD [/SIZE][FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=4][FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=4]came [/SIZE][/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT][SIZE=4]to him, and He said to him, "What are you doing here, Elijah?" [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=4][B](So the word of the Lord came to him "what are you doing here Elijah". This is one of the most important questions God will ever ask us. His questions probes ...
  4. A Prayer in Times of Trouble

    A Prayer in Times of Trouble

    Upon my bed I lay me down
    My forehead drawn into a frown;
    Many troubles flung my way -
    Lord, I plead for help this day.

    Weak am I; my strength is gone
    My broken heart bereft of song;
    Lord please listen to my prayer;
    Help me now my burdens bear.

    All my thoughts are known to You;
  5. Christian Palestinianism

    Christian Palestinianism

    Written by: Dr. Thomas Ice

    Paul Wilkinson, a British Christian Zionist, recently included a chapter in his book For Zion's Sake[1] about a movement that is the polar opposite of Christian Zionism he termed "Christian Palestinianism." He defines it as "a relatively new, largely intellectual, professedly Christian, anti-Zionist movement [that] has sprung up alongside [Christian Zionism], which I have classified as Christian Palestinianism."[2] ...