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  1. attempting to learn Spanish

    I've been listening to a CD audio course on Latin American Spanish.

    Latin American Spanish is a general term- it breaks down into more narrow varieties such as Mexican Spanish.
  2. testing

    I'm testing this to see how it works.

    Well, I'll just state that I've been trying to learn Spanish. It's very slow going.
  3. Test blog -- ignore please

    Here's my test blog!
  4. I am so touched today

    It took me a lot of courage to finally confront one of my colleague who never got along with me. I seriously thought she was so hard and stone hearted. I was wrong. The Lord does soften the heart and as we pray for the softening of their hearts, miracles happen.

    It took me 3 months to actually bring the courage in me! YEah its too long, I know. But what am I supposed to do. Carina became a Manager too soon after she joined the organization. We were all pioneers at the same time, but ...
  5. A Certain Place

    A Certain Place

    A patriarch of old (Jacob was his name)
    Fled from sin and angry twin when at day's end he came
    Upon a certain place where he took a rest;
    With head pillowed on a stone the patriarch was blessed.

    Behold, he dreamed a dream a ladder reaching high
    Resting on the earth; shooting through the sky,
    Reaching heav'n itself; touching

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