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  1. My Spiritual Birthday

    Yesterday was my 34th birthday in the Lord, I was saved June 6th, 1975 at a home prayer meeting also call a cottage prayer meeting.
    My Thoughts
  2. Four Dimensions of The Cross

    [/SIZE][FONT=Arial]The history of the cross goes back long before Christ came. But it was the Romans who used it on a massive scale to execute people. The victim was fastened to the cross by cords, or his hands were nailed, and he was left to die. Even with the heat of the sun, the pull of the body and the torture the victim had endured before being put on the cross, sometimes it took a week to die on a cross. It was one of the most terrible, painful ways to ...
  3. We Are Satan's Nightmare

    Unfortunately, I cannot take the credit for writing this. I was doing a wee bit of research and came upon several articles by several preachers. This is what I found. I pray it encourages and strengthens you as it has me.
    Power Over:

    Matt 10:1
    Jesus has called his disciples to a special evangelistic mission to the Nation of Israel. With this call went the authority to cast out unclean spirits and to heal all kinds of diseases.

    Mark 6:7
    Jesus ...
  4. Are You Enjoying Being a Priest?

    Are You Enjoying Being a Priest?

    No, you haven't even attended, let alone graduated from a seminary. You haven't done the eight years of study required after high school. You haven't studied philosophy nor have you taken courses in dogmatic, moral and pastoral theology. You may know very little about church history or canon law and even less about homiletics. You have never officiated at a church ceremony nor have you ever publicly stood and ...
  5. Tell the Truth and Take the Heat

    Tell the Truth and Take the Heat

    Under pressure don't bend or collapse. If you know its right, stick with it. Take the heat.

    Micaiah, son of Imla, a contemporary of Elijah, shows up for one recorded Bible episode. Unlike Elijah who gets lots of ink, Micaiah only makes a brief debut in Scriptures but what an impressive performance in 1 Kings 22. The story is retold in 2 Chronicles 18.

    Micaiah had been summoned to stand before two monarchs. ...
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