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  1. For Stephen.

    How can you see if you don't have eyes to see ...
    How can you hear if you don't have ears to hear ...
    How can I judge you if you don't either see or hear ...
    If you ask from your stoney heart I will both hear and see ...

    Reading the book of Acts Chapter 7.
  2. The cold of the winter comes.

    The cold of the winter comes I felt it on my back to day
    Will my thermals keep the cold out on that winters day
    I ask not for the fires of hell on that final winters day
    Instead I ask for Jesus who is with me now and on my final day
    Tags: cold, day, final., hell, winters
  3. John had gone.

    John had gone Jesus went quietly aside ...
    Herod had beheaded John all for the sake of pride ...
    My face was sombre I could have cried I couldn't hide ...
    To my quiet place people and children came I couldn't stop the tide ...

    Reading Matthew 14:13.

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  4. cat blog #3 - quality entertainment for cats

    A while back, one of my cousins's middle and youngest daughters, who were 4 and 3 at the time, were visiting. They were riding bicycles with training wheels in circles on the back patio.

    My cats were sitting/lying down under the deck, relaxing, watching them.

    I was reminded of a joke Jeff Foxforthy told about a redneck's definition of "quality entertainment". They both had this expression like "What are those crazy humans doing now?".
  5. another cat blog

    I think I'll post blogs about my cats for a while. I've concluded that, compared to people, my cats, and cats in general, make perfect sense.


    I have two cats.

    A cat food bowl was behind the cat that isn't the cat in the previous blog. I pour cat food in the bowl for him. Several seconds go by and he seems to be completely unaware that he has food, so I pick him up, turn him around, and put him back down. Then he sees the cat food and starts chowing ...