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  1. The Future? Lets Pray

    A Bible based society, that's where I want to live. This is whom I want running and making my laws.

    I want to see a Christian World Order, not another erroneous worldviews version of it.

    I agree Cyberseeker, what a Glorious place that would be!

  2. How do deal with shills and trolls

    Found this, thought it was interesting.

    How to fight shills in this group and elsewhere.

    Something I've noticed is the shill phenomena is getting pretty bad here. Notice in almost EVERY comment feed it's that one person (you know who it is) going on the attack. Then, because he's on the attack -- no matter WHAT the subject ...
  3. Meditation Psalms 19:14.

    Mind filling time ...
    Meditating on scripture ...
    Not wasting time ...
    Life giving scripture ...

    Listening to Psalms 19:14.
    Tags: meditation
  4. Thoughts on the Immigration Issue...

    Lots of talk on this these days.

    If I was a Christian leader of a real Christian nation, I would encourage immigration, but with a few caveats and with an evangelistic mission at the heart of it (i.e. the Great Commission )

    There would a tough but very humane ( with Christian principles ) vetting process. The process might include interviews, detailed histories, reliable references, polygraphs or hypnosis to find out if they can live within OUR worldview. Other things might ...
  5. What Do People Say About You Behind Your Back?

    What Do People Think and Say About You Behind Your Back?

    It’s an interesting question on a few levels.
    I often think about this.

    Imagine if we could hear what people think & say about us

    From a Christian perspective, it’s a pretty important question I think.

    Do people know we are Christians?

    Do they whisper or think “They must be a real Christian”, ( in a good way ) or “He’s a Christian?”