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  1. Monotheistic Dances part 8

    So far, we have seen how change and historical setting have affected the Dance. We have charted the moves across history as regards the three main ones, and particularly of late with that of Christianity. During the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century people began to make changes to content, teaching, and even added their own 'revelations', much like Muhammad did. We also charted how a disillusioned and mislaid Lutheran church in Germany was robbed of its' witness by Adolf Hitler. Hitler ...
  2. Monotheistic Dances Part 7_a

    When we last left the German in the pew, he was faced listening to a pulpit that was shorn of its biblical perspective, and caught up in the rising tide of German nationalism that was the Third Reich under Adolph Hitler. Under Lutheran theology and the civil structure of the land, Adolph Hitler controlled the purse strings of the church and the right censure, and even imprison those who opposed him, even if from the pulpit. This Hitler had already begun to do with a vengeance. It should be noted ...
  3. Monotheistic Dances Part 7

    As we have see, the history of the Dance has been fraught with not only theological perils, but physical also. In the cans of Islam and Judaism, the dance led to the exile of two tribes in Medina and the eradication of a third. There is a historical parallel between this and Adolf Hitler that many are loathe to make. But, for Mohammad, it was the inevitable outcome of his need for Jewish acceptance as a Prophet of their own, and an acceptance of his revelation on a par with their own torah. In ...
  4. Monotheistic Dances Part 6

    So, we have seen how polytheism and Arianism have reared their heads to establish themselves anew on the Christian movement. They are not Christian but are a perversion of it. Both twist the scripture or have their own 'holy book', both deny the deity of Christ, and both seek to redefine the trinity and most major Biblical doctrines. Both were parts of movements that felt the rest of Christianity was wrong in many, if not all, parts of major doctrines, and they set themselves forward as holders ...
  5. The Moon and New Testament Passover Dates

    The significance of Passover during the ministry years of Jesus may have more to it than its typological fulfillment in Messiah’s sacrifice. For example, a case can be made that the first Passover in his ministry locates a key date in the famed prophecy of ‘Daniels 70 Weeks.’ Also, his last Passover may provide a final answer to the elusive date of his crucifixion.

    Understanding the chronological details of Passover during this period not only nails dates, but enables us to stand ...

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