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Be an encourager

  1. I stand at the door.

    I stand at the door.

    I stand at the door and say should I repent … The door metaphorically speaking of new life … One of the conditions of new life is we repent so we can be forgiven of our sin … Repent and sin are words we hardly hear … Sin started with Adam and Eve when they were deceived … This deception caused you and I to be born with sin within … This is where the word repent enters in … We must ask Jesus who died upon the cross to forgive us from the sin that was embedded in ...
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  2. Aspects of life.

    Aspects of life.

    These people pretend to be poor there only fooling themselves … Everyone knows … They have wealth they’ve locked it away for a rainy day … They worry … Will it be taken away … They inherited the money not calling it their own but someone who has passed away … There children think there short not giving them the full story … They give no financial support to those who show kindness when there children stay away … ...

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  3. The enemies within.

    Posted on March 5, 2014

    The enemies within.

    A gesture a smile can make it all worth while … No words … Jesus turned and gave a smile I love you my special child … I know Jesus cant be here to give that smile … Is it you and I who can carry that gesture a smile to make someone feel worthwhile … Not to be condescending or superior in your smile … I have many enemies I must defeat not by myself will this task be complete … In my kingdom within many enemies I must defeat …
  4. Great trouble..

    Great trouble.

    Posted on March 2, 2014 |

    Great trouble is coming upon the world … Theirs been trouble for man ever since he made his first plan … Take your sides oh man as we enter into the next stage of the master plan … I think I’ll go and clean the floor or perhaps I’ll carry on with the dinner as before … If I pray will it effect a delay in the world today … What should I do with this information should I worry a lot … ...

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  5. Kooki and the vet.

    Kooki and the vet.

    Posted on February 18, 2014
    I took Kooki the dog to the vet … She’s loosing hair like mad … Swollen scent glands she has … Couldn’t wait till Thursday till the vet in his van came to visit … He’s a dedicated man looking after the pets in his van … Theirs so many cannot afford to have proper veterinary care except for the help of the RSPCA and this man in the van … There’s many men and women who help the poor in treating animals as they do … If we weren’t in ...
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