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  1. The garden of time ...

    The garden of time ...

    The sun has shone summer suddenly came ... the clouds appear and summer has gone ... still wearing my jumper it must be cold I took it off and put it on ... we have a wonderful garden trouble is . it can take a lot to maintain ... it's a mature garden and some of the bushes and branches have become intertwined ... much like my Wife and I in the garden of time ...

    Listening to Daniel 7. Alan :-)
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  2. The book of Daniel.

    My Nation.

    Into captivity we go what a blow ... clever ways they take the power away as our enemy has its way ... taking the power of our nation away ... not a blow of a sword more subtle a way ... little by little they whittle away undermining what the Bible does say ... there has to be consequences of the dilution of what the Bible does say.

    Listening to Daniel 1. and what the Bible does say ... Alan :-)

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  3. A medley.

    A medley.

    Where a privileged lot ...don't be frightened of your medication it helps a lot ... choosing water to drink helps clear your system no tea no coffee no pop avoid the lot ... it's a good job we don't have to carry all the woes and strife of life avoid the lot ... Jesus understands . his burden is lite unlike my Granddaughters school bag avoid carrying a lot ... don't wear earphones to and from school it could cost you your life and that's a lot ... it's a shock it's ...

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  4. The children of the New Forest.

    Many years ago while visiting the daughters flat … I looked through their small library of books and found the paper back “The children of the New Forest” … I did enjoy reading the book over the coming weeks … and of course can you guess what it reminded me of … Alan:-)

    Listening to Isaiah 35. and John 17

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  5. The Wednesday evening film club.

    The Wednesday evening film club.

    featuring the "The story of Ruth" ... Josh Groban singing ... "Oh Holy night" ... scene's from the nativity ... ice cream will be available in the foyer ... we haven't got a foyer you crank ... Oh yes we have ... Oh no we haven't ... and so it went on deep into the night ...

    Listening to Isaiah 34. and John 16. Alan :-)

    P.S. this is the link to my site to watch The story of Ruth.

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