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Be an encourager

  1. Drawing near.

    If its fear that ever draws near If its worldly concerns that make us fear The answer lyes in when we ask Jesus to draw near Hes the one who can dispel all our fear If we dont believe Jesus is sincere in his promise to dispel our fear Ask him to help our unbelief Its a sin that needs to disappear Its not burying your head and hoping the sand will make it disappear Theres practical things we can do like bringing order into our life As things come clear Jesus is a Saviour
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    Encouragement , Personal
  2. Good morning ...

    Good morning Just because we are meek doesn't mean we are weak When someone is mean-spirited to us This is difficult Don't return or do as they do Treat them with kindness and respect Thats something they wont expect It could be they dont see Even so respect.

    listened to Hebrews 5 last night. Alan
  3. Maybe next year ...

    Maybe next year

    Hello I have been busy constructing a new site called its easier to give you the link and you can see what Im up to Its still in the construction stage But Im getting there I wrote this about 6 oclock this morning ...

    Being in control Of what we say I thought that Is that what I should say We dont always know our motives for our motor mouth today Our old nature has a lot to ...
  4. Sometimes.

    Sometimes we cant make sense of things that go in our life Easier said than done To give it up To the Lord today.
    Listening to Romans 5. Alan
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    Encouragement , Personal
  5. Yesterday.

    Yesterday was a film Today is a new day and youve switched it off.

    Listening to Micah 4. Alan
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    Encouragement , Teaching , Personal