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Be an encourager

  1. Is sin so hard to overcome?

    Sin is to purpose to disobey God. It does sound simple when said this way. Sin is nothing more than disobeying God. It is hard to follow the rules when you donít know or understand the rules. The main rule to overcome sin is to Love the Lord your God above all things. If you canít do this then you are in for a long haul. The second rule to overcoming sin is to love your fellow man more if not as much as you love yourself. To really overcome sin you have to really understand these two commandments. ...
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  2. Listening to our Fathers will

    A young man tells his Dad that he wants to move out so he could be free. Free to make his own decisions. Six months later he realized that he was not ready and needed to come back home so he could have the freedoms he lost when he moved out into the world.

    True freedom is knowing and understanding the truth that Jesus teaches us in his word. The truth sets you free from temptation and sin.

    The young man learned that his temptations were wrong when they went against ...
  3. Faith vs Hope

    Do you have Hope in your Faith or Faith in your Hope? Do you have hope that your Faith is real? Is your Faith dependent on your Hope or is your Hope dependent on your Faith? What is the deference between Hope and Faith?

    Faith is believing something to be true. To have faith in something you must believe that it is exactly as you perceive it is. We use the term ďfactĒ to be something that is an unmovable truth. Like the fact; one plus one equals two, this is a fact that is an unmovable ...
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  4. How do you think as a Christian?

    As Christians we have insight to situations that others do not have. For example; When you and a friend meet at school and you find out that your friend has been invited to another persons house without inviting you. When this happens or something similar, the first thing that comes to mind is hurt. And immediately following comes a barrage of thoughts that are trying to figure out why you were not invited. All of these thoughts are based on lies and if you continue to play with these thoughts than ...
  5. Singing thru the night

    Dear Blog,

    Last night while working, it suddenly occurred to me why not pray, praise, sing, talk to my Lord Jesus. After all I spend pretty much 8 hrs working alone. I don't listen to music while at work...yet I thank God for the inspirational thougth. And that is exactly what I proceeded to do. I started of with a prayer/songish kind of thing, then I'd talk to God, then I'd sing, praise or even got quiet to ponder what my feelings and thoughts were in my relationship with Jesus, ...
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