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Be an encourager

  1. Faces.

    Three of the faces of Jesus ...

    A face full of joy celebrating ... John 2:2.
    A face full of seriousness realising ... John 2:11.
    A face full of anger disturbed ... John 2:14-15.
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  2. Chicken and mushroom pie.

    It's not the paper upon which we write it's the words we write ... From where did the words come was it from my soulish mind or the spiritual man ... Did the words bring life giving hope or deaths disruption of righteousness peace and joy ... Am I being over sensitive I think not when it comes to eternal life ...

    Could I have a chicken and mushroom pie please ... I saw it from the corner of my eye ... A broken pie into my paper bag they slipped ...
    Tags: chicken
  3. Meditation Psalms 19:14.

    Mind filling time ...
    Meditating on scripture ...
    Not wasting time ...
    Life giving scripture ...

    Listening to Psalms 19:14.
    Tags: meditation
  4. TV.

    I just received a new 32 inch TV ... As I manoeuvred my old TV out of the way to the floor I couldn't lift it . it was too heavy ... So I asked for help from two strong members of the family ... Who put the old TV into my car boot ready to go to the recycling center ... My new telly was so light and easy to put into place and when I switched it on ... Well it was like moving from the stone age of TV to a futuristic age ... Much like when we move from being a man of the world to becoming a born again ...
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  5. World.

    As the world goes on it's way
    unawares were it goes ...
    How can it know if there not
    shown the way it goes ...
    I will endeavour to relate in this
    piece of earth the way Jesus goes ...
    Hedge your bets Jesus is the best
    way to see how it goes ...

    Listening to Matthew 6.
    Tags: world.