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Be an encourager

  1. Give the glory.

    Give the glory.

    Posted on February 4, 2014
    Give the glory unto God however small it may seem … Thank you for feeling well today … Couldn’t cope with thinking of moving a bureau yesterday today … Living in the day is the way and at the end of the day that’s all there is today … It maybe that I repeat what I say but we do need reminding everyday … It’s the small things that ware away at what we do each day … Trying to take the joy away from what we do and say … No one knows all ...
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  2. Frightening dreams.

    Frightening dreams.

    Posted on February 1, 2014 |

    Many years ago my young nephew said to me he was having frightening dreams … So I said to him to ask Jesus to help and his frightening dreams stopped … Yesterday my young grandson said to me he couldn’t sleep because of frightening dreams … So I said the same to him … To ask Jesus for help before he went to sleep and that’s exactly what he did … This morning he said to me he had the best nights sleep for a long time … I ...
  3. Time for bed.

    Time for bed.

    Time for bed considering all that’s been done and said … Watched some films on DVD living in another world for a little while … Sitting … Watching in style … Had a lovely meal with the family … Lamb and mint a Sunday roast with the most … Travelled for some furniture a folder for the Granddaughter to finish her weekend work at home … Up a ladder to fix the blinds cut a melon to enjoy the fruit … Browsed the internet adjusted the site a button installed for those to mail the posts ...
  4. Speaking to the King ...

    Speaking to the King …

    We are deceived what other people are about … We say what a nice person they are despite not really knowing what their about … Without true insight we really cannot see the face that’s out of sight … We don’t really know what depths we can sink … People are not what we think.

    Listening to 2 Samuel 19. Also Acts 11. Alan

    Joab speaks to the King …
  5. On the beach.

    On the beach.

    We were among humanity today so dense hard to comprehend … Making our way to school miles away traffic jams zebra crossings traffic lights … All our skills put to the test … Once in lifetime experience they’ll soon be grown not the same to be found … In the depths of the capital city buildings so tall and old … A sight to see traffic coming from everywhere … The second child dropped off just in time for the first-born appointment to make on time … A futuristic hospital ...