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  1. Top of the mountain.

    Top of the mountain.
    I was sitting in the lounge this afternoon looking through the window up the mountain and could see three people standing right on the peak … Yesterday I wasn't very well a headache and sickness better today … We cannot all reach the top of the mountain everyday and I would even say it would be difficult to live their all the time … We are talking as in the natural as in the spiritual … In the natural I live in the valley halfway between the top of the mountain and sea

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  2. My face is it important to see.

    My face is it important to see.

    Is it important to see my face instead of hiding behind my avatar and what I write … For me I have moved to higher ground preparing to reach people who have been out of sight … We work as a team trying to bring a message that’s been going from the beginning of time … Jesus is the message we bring to those who don’t think a thing that he might bring … He’s a life bringer to us all whether large or small … We can enjoy the small and simple things of life ...
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  3. Hercule dies alone.

    Hercule dies alone.

    Last night I looked forward to watching Poirot on TV the last episode … I didn’t do any writing I thought I’d relax .. There is time for everything … John Suchet was retiring from his acting role as Hercule Poirot which made both actor and character world-famous … When he was first chosen for the part 25 years ago he prepared by making an extensive list of all the characters quirks and attributes that is Hercule Poirot mon ami … By reading up all he
  4. The allotted time.

    The allotted time…..Ruth 4.

    This is the allotted time to write and make it rhyme … Reading the story of Ruth and Boaz how they had a child in line … We don’t have to stand in line .. Accepting Jesus into your life right NOW will be fine … Of course that’s not the line the Bible is talking about it’s the family line … Right from the time of Genesis to when Jesus came just in time … If we accept Jesus in time we’ll be part of the eternal family Father God has planned since the beginning ...

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  5. The fear of death.

    The fear of death.

    The question is can we overcome the fear of death … There are some who are well read in Bible verse … If you can explain better than I please do … The only thing I know is Jesus has overcome death for you the sting is no longer there … When I was a child I feared that my parents would die … Eventually and inevitably they did … When I was a child my fear was seeded from him that does not love me as Jesus does … Surely all three who live deep within will guide and be ...

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