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  1. Darkness.

    Halloween the thin end of the wedge......into

    There's no need to fear.....Even though evil spirits abound.....By you they'll not be found.

    Reading 1 Samuel 3.

    Hello, last night about one thirty in the early morning I arose from bed to go to the toilet, and on returning to bed I felt the fear of the darkness behind me. Then on returning to bed as if something would grab my legs as I moved along the side of the bed. There had come thoughts into ...
  2. 64. Legalism

    Here is a comment of mine during a discussion in my Methods of Bible Study class:

    ~I also experienced a legalistic childhood and this hindered my seeking of God and in the reading of my Bible. Praise God for freedom from undiscipled "performance measure hoops" that a person must jump through, in a specific way at that... to be a "Christian".~
  3. - Are You A Worrier? –

    Psalm 55:22, “Cast your burden on the LORD, and He shall sustain you”
    1 Peter 5:7, “Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you”

    So, are you worried about bills, health, debt, marriage issues, and the future? I’ve discovered that 90 percent of the things that filled me with anxiety over what might happen never did. The dictionary defines worry as: to cause to feel anxious, distressed, or troubled about something, or to bother or annoy, as with ...
  4. 63. Listen


    On the way to work this morning… funny saying this after no job for the past 22 months!! Anyway, on the way to work this morning I was praying to God. A short prayer, more about praising Him than anything else. As I ended the prayer, God began to minister to me.

    There was a song on the radio since I had KLOVE playing while I prayed. God told me to listen to the music. So, I began to listen to the music and in a few moments I was singing along with the song.
  5. Calling.


    Was that you calling.....

    yes my son, why do you fear death,

    when I'll be near.....

    how do I know that?

    Is it not written I will never leave you

    or forsake you.

    Thinking of the story of Samuel and Eli. 1 Samuel 3

    Also reading Hebrews 13