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  1. Racism / Indifference / Prejudice

    Are you proud of who you are? Does the color of your skin make you happy? Do you have the righteous parents? Are your friends the envy of everyone else? Are you cool or what?

    Most humans rather like the way they are, or else they would stop being that way. Unless it is something that we canít change, we like the way we are. In most cases it is the way others are, that we often donít like.

    This is a very difficult topic because there are so many different ways to approach ...
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  2. Who are the goats?

    People tell me that the goats at the judgment throne of Christ are unsaved sinners. So the other day I started doing research through the Word to see if I could find some back up in scripture. I could not so I wondered where this idea came from. So after doing some more research about goats it then came to me that goats are the old testament sin atonement. And since the goats failed the judgment for the new sin atonement they were cast into the fire.

    Why were they cast into the fire? ...
  3. The actions of true love.

    I went to another church today with a friend. The preacher preached a good sermon. He told a story as part of the sermon. He said that his house is located next to a cemetery. He said that one day he started noticing this man, in his 70s, sitting next to a grave. He said that he figured out that it was his wife's grave. Everyday when he would leave for work, the man was there. Everyday he come home from work, the man was there. if it was raining, he would have an umbrella. If it was cold, he would ...
  4. Do you have a PLAGUE?

    The Black Death Plague is a disease that gets inside the body. Once inside the body you are dead within a few days.

    The Black Death (Bubonic plague) was one of the most deadly in human history, peaking in Europe around 1350. The Black Death is estimated to have killed approximately 40% of Europe's population, reducing the world's population by 60 million by year 1400. This has been seen as having created a series of religious, social and economic upheavals which had profound effects ...
  5. Can't believe this!

    Quote Originally Posted by amazzin View Post
    I can't believe what I just discovered. I went to the Google search page and there it was. Goodle has decided to celebrate "Earth-day" instead of "Good Friday" sad.

    So, what are you all doing today? Are you going to be turning your lights off or will you let your light shine?

    .....just saying