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  1. Satan's Minions

    Satan's Minions

    The enemy's always attempting to render
    Each upright, faithful Christian defender
    Powerless; useless; unable to show
    Sinners and seekers the Way to go.

    He uses those in his bonded employ
    To divert, to bait, to trip and annoy;
    To keep us busy so that we can't
    Sow good seeds when it's time to plant.

    Their lips are full of lies and deceit;
    They set their traps for the righteous; the meek -
    Lying in
  2. A True Friend (a children's poem)

    A True Friend
    (a children's poem)

    If you should need a friend that's true
    Then Christ is the best friend for you
    For he is faithful, true and strong,
    And He will never get it wrong.

    He'll always answer when you call;
    He'll always be there when you fall
    To comfort, heal and hold your hand;
    To pick you up and help you stand.

    This friend I'm telling you about
    Has truly got a lot of clout;
  3. Drawing near.

    If its fear that ever draws near If its worldly concerns that make us fear The answer lyes in when we ask Jesus to draw near Hes the one who can dispel all our fear If we dont believe Jesus is sincere in his promise to dispel our fear Ask him to help our unbelief Its a sin that needs to disappear Its not burying your head and hoping the sand will make it disappear Theres practical things we can do like bringing order into our life As things come clear Jesus is a Saviour
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    Encouragement , Personal
  4. Easier Said Than Done

    Easier Said Than Done

    Have you talked to God today;
    Bowed your head down low to pray?
    Have you bared your soul to Him;
    Have you let Him in?

    Have you fed a needy child;
    Wiped away a tear and smiled?
    Have you shown you truly care
    By offering a meal and prayer?

    Have you helped your friends in need -
    Shown God's love through a good deed?
    Have you listened when they talked;
    Have you walked the
  5. Good morning ...

    Good morning Just because we are meek doesn't mean we are weak When someone is mean-spirited to us This is difficult Don't return or do as they do Treat them with kindness and respect Thats something they wont expect It could be they dont see Even so respect.

    listened to Hebrews 5 last night. Alan