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  1. Visiting the dentist today.

    Visited the dentist today … I do miss my smartphone … I was lying in the dentist chair quite comfortable to be fair … He was grinding away at my broken tooth … The thought came to me if I opened my eyes … My hands were free … The ultimate insult the height of cheek I could browse the internet send a text ... I was just able to see through the dentists hands to type a word or two or three … Laughing deep down my stomach moved … I'd laughed to myself almost gave the game away … The amazing thing is ...
  2. Gog gathers....

    your troops, and the many other peoples with you.

    10 “‘This is what the sovereign LORD says: On that day thoughts will come into your mind, and you will devise an evil plan.

    11 You will say, “I will invade a land of unwalled towns; I will advance against those living quietly in security – all of them living without walls and barred gates –

    12 to loot and plunder, to attack the inhabited ruins and the people gathered from the nations, who ...
  3. Within my house

    He puts his gift within my house … And yet he treats my loved ones with disrespect … Finally in protest I disposed and destroyed the gift he placed within my house … Show respect … There’s one you’ll have to answer too … I finally threw out your gift thank you Jesus for returning my self-respect … I’ll leave it to you Lord with all respect to sort him out … The one with no respect.

    Reading John 16. … from who knows where my old Bible I'll have to dig out.

  4. There’s an epidemic going on.

    There's an epidemic going on … people are going into a trance … They are able to walk sit and stare … Some power greater than we … Is taking control … I decided to take action on my own half … I took my hammer ready to destroy … I picked the thing up causing people to no longer care and threw it up into the air … It landed hard … but hardly did a thing … I took my hammer and hit it hard … My mobile phone … Finally broke into bits … It’s not so smart after all … in bits.

    Reading John 16.
  5. The need for Seed.

    A seed is planted … I plant a seed … Is there need … That we proceed … Yes Eternal Life will succeed if Jesus is allowed to water and to feed … The soil rich and well prepared … The seasons pass an Autumn leaf drifts past … On the rich soil it lands … Thank you Lord … at last.

    Reading John 16. Alan :-)

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