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  1. The Joy of Christmas

    I was listening to the radio and thinking about a conversation that took place over the last couple of days, and something about the conversation and what was said on the radio really hit a nerve for me. Somewhere someone shared something about ministries that bless others with gifts at Christmas time. Even for our less fortunate brothers and sisters around the world who have never celebrated Christmas before. And this was all I heard them say on the radio, in that regards, "a Christmas ...
  2. 41. possible solution to 1 Cor. 14:21-25

    Quote Originally Posted by Nihil Obstat View Post
    Okay, but the passage itself isn't talking about unbelievers of the gifts, but unbelievers of Jesus - and I don't see faith playing a part here either: if you're a member of the body, you have a gift that supports the life of the body; an eye doesn't exert "faith" in order to see, nor does an ear need "faith" to hear, but these parts of the body (especially of Christ's body, which is in focus here) work thusly naturally on their own, for this is how God composed the body. (I'm a nit-picker, sorry!)

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  3. update on a previous comment

    I made a comment a while back that I was pretty sure that L. Ron Hubbard didn't himself believe in Scientology.

    Well, from some of the research I've done recently, I'm no longer so sure of that. Some of the stuff I'm coming across is rather alarming.
  4. still attempting to upgrade my knowledge

    I'm attempting to figure out such things as: Are the Old Testament and the Tanakh the same thing?

    I'm attempting to learn more about Canaan.

    I'm attempting to learn more about Assyria and Babylonia.

    I'm trying to learn more about the Philistines.


    Not as much Bible related, I'm attempting to upgrade my knowledge on the Philippines.
  5. 40. Deliverance

    I wrote up the notes from the Bible Study this past Sunday. Here is a portion about deliverance that I spoke and decided to drop into a blog entree.

    >> We want to overcome any of the sin in our life, temptation is placed before us and some fall into it and sin. We all seem to know what the word, “deliverance” means. However, Christians tend to utilize that word in what I refer to as, “Christianese”. Some throw the word, “deliverance” all around and they truly don’t know what it is, ...