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  1. Oldest living things on earth

    The Oldest Tree
    A bristle cone pine is approximately 4,300 years oldódated via tree rings. The method may not be perfect, but it is the best we have for dating trees.

    The Oldest Reef
    The Great Barrier Reef is less than 4,200 years oldódated via measuring the growth rate for 20 years.

    Even though both are estimated at no more than 4,300 years old, they are the two oldest living organisms on earth.

    Why arenít there older trees or more ancient ...
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  2. Three Weddings.

    Three Weddings
    It's been a beautiful sunny day so far, and I have done a bit of work on the back fence while the sun shines. We have been invited to a wedding, My Wife being a God Mother to the Bride, but we are not ready for it we don't have suitable clothe's, even guests have to prepare. So far we are going down to our Daughters to visit her instead, it would seem that is less pressure than going to the wedding, So far that is.
    This coming Friday there is going to be a Royal ...

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  3. Insecurity

    Are you insecure? Everyone is insecure about one thing or another. None of us are perfect in all things we do, if fact none of us are perfect in anything we do. So unless you are perfect in every way, then you can and will address insecurity in your life.

    Insecurity comes into play when we are concerned about what others think about us. It plays a part in how we dress, the way we talk and act. Insecurity can and does control some peopleís lives in a very negative way. It causes depression, ...
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  4. Tick, Tock.

    I woke early this morning because of my coughing, so I went to the kitchen and took my inhalers and some pain-killer s, had a drink and went back to bed. I must have woke several hours later feeling better, but when I arose and went to the bathroom I felt very tired. Feeling not well and questioning myself over Church and my late Mothers house, that still hasn't been sorted out. When I left going to Church I wrote a story ( Tick, Tock, time is passing by, Abba.) about my reasons for leaving, ...

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  5. Racism / Indifference / Prejudice

    Are you proud of who you are? Does the color of your skin make you happy? Do you have the righteous parents? Are your friends the envy of everyone else? Are you cool or what?

    Most humans rather like the way they are, or else they would stop being that way. Unless it is something that we canít change, we like the way we are. In most cases it is the way others are, that we often donít like.

    This is a very difficult topic because there are so many different ways to approach ...
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