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  1. Monotheistic Dances Part 6

    So, we have seen how polytheism and Arianism have reared their heads to establish themselves anew on the Christian movement. They are not Christian but are a perversion of it. Both twist the scripture or have their own 'holy book', both deny the deity of Christ, and both seek to redefine the trinity and most major Biblical doctrines. Both were parts of movements that felt the rest of Christianity was wrong in many, if not all, parts of major doctrines, and they set themselves forward as holders ...
  2. The Moon and New Testament Passover Dates

    The significance of Passover during the ministry years of Jesus may have more to it than its typological fulfillment in Messiah’s sacrifice. For example, a case can be made that the first Passover in his ministry locates a key date in the famed prophecy of ‘Daniels 70 Weeks.’ Also, his last Passover may provide a final answer to the elusive date of his crucifixion.

    Understanding the chronological details of Passover during this period not only nails dates, but enables us to stand ...

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    I'm just briefly checking in, and then I'll probably be gone again for a while.

    My grandmother just turned 92.

    My parents and I are taking care of her.

    I had high blood pressure. I started taking blood pressure medicine, and that's gotten it down. There is no doubt it my mind that my current situation contributed to the high blood pressure, though I'm sure there were/are other factors, too.

    We all need prayer from everybody on here. ...
  4. Monotheistic Dances part 5

    Last chapter, I took you on a short history of Christianity in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, just to give you a feel for how history affects the subject. Christianity went through many changes, and then seemed to repeat those changes. Islam went through a period of consolidation, and then has remained the same for more than seven hundred years. Judaism, is changing since the nineteenth century in the form of Messianic Judaism, and Modern reform Judaism. For Christians, many of the old ...
  5. Monotheistic Dances part 4.2

    In the last part, we looked at Mormonism in comparison to the three Monotheistic religions. It was a polytheistic religion that skated on pagan ice. It took the Bible and twisted it into the mold of Mormon revelation. It claims to be Christian, but a new kind. However, I have never been able to figure out what kind. It seeks to restore what even the Koran repudiates, and does so in terms that echo the old Moslem charge of 'say not three'. In so doing, it just opens a Pandora box of speculation that ...