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  1. People.


    We've met people this week and not fully understood who could … Only Jesus the Holy Spirit and Father God could …we’ve been visiting the cemetery cleaning a gravestone we didn't know we could … Meeting three people unless we’d been there we wouldn't have understood … It wasn't our job to judge because Jesus has told us that’s not good … You've been my eyes and ears for many years.

    Listening to Psalm 86.Alan :-)
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  2. Love.


    My country is so vast not in land but in souls there so vast … beyond our comprehension much as the universe is so vast … without Jesus how could we know what to say that would give comfort that will last …

    Listening to 1 Corinthians 13. KJV. Alan :-)

    Updated Jul 18th 2015 at 05:21 AM by Amencorner

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  3. Think.


    I write to make you think … is Jesus the link who makes you think … my thoughts are written and spoken to help you make the link.

    Listening to Genesis 17. Alan :-)
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  4. Beautiful.


    A beautiful day A beautiful car A beautiful Wife
    A beautiful cemetery visiting everyday.

    Listening to Matthew 6. KJV. Alan :-)

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  5. Alarm bells ...

    Alarm bells

    Alarm bells began to ring as soon as I opened my eyes it was five in the morning I've compromised myself were not a secret society but theirs public and private I logged into my site and straight away deleted the audio on Bibleforums and my site Im not afraid to speak but there is a place and time to speak what is in the spirit and right if we put ourselves in danger and harms way our conscience will alarm what is wrong and right.

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