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  1. Update.......

    Well I weaned off the Rivotril, and that brought me big trouble..... I had migraines and muscleweakness and was laying flat most of the day........ We did some research on the net and it is probably helping with the remission of my disease, so I have to keep on taking that one...... Now I have almost a steady level of Rivotril in my blood again and my headaches disappeared..... still having some muscle pains in my neck and shoulders, but that's because I wasn't relaxed enough and tend to pull up ...
  2. Great trouble..

    Great trouble.

    Posted on March 2, 2014 |

    Great trouble is coming upon the world … Theirs been trouble for man ever since he made his first plan … Take your sides oh man as we enter into the next stage of the master plan … I think I’ll go and clean the floor or perhaps I’ll carry on with the dinner as before … If I pray will it effect a delay in the world today … What should I do with this information should I worry a lot … ...

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  3. 83: Speaking with an Atheist... Part II

    My final comments in an Apologetics class I'm presently taking:

    This course provided for me exactly what I expected but the way I received the knowledge I expected, was surprising. Earlier in the course I learned a very valuable lesson that I will take with me when in discussion with anyone that does not believe in God, I feel the best course of action is to allow them to present all that has caused them to not believe, and then refute their facts. Many approach unbelievers ...

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  4. My box.

    My box.

    Posted on March 1, 2014

    I eat your word I eat your bread it makes me well So on my site I go and tell The simple things each day like theres no box upon my fridge today After all these years Ive looked and there it is a box carrying my pills A box no longer needed its done me well In the cupboard the box has gone A box if it could speak would say Im no longer needed Ive finished my job today.

    Listening to 1 Kings 7 also Acts 17 and on
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  5. After 30+ years finally painfree!!!!!! Praise God for hearing all your prayers!!!

    Daddy is working miracles in me! He got me from bedridden into the electric wheelchair, led me to natural vitamins and supplements to which I react amazingly good!!!! I can sit in my wheelchair for about 12 hours now at once!!!

    I still need the wheelchair but I don't care about that. I can stand a bit if I hold on to Charles and I can walk a little bit if he holds me and some days I can walk alone (too dangerous though). I still am not there, I want to exercise a little bit to ...