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  1. I need YOU!

    Let me hold on, let me hold tight
    Please donít let me down, donít let me loose this fight
    Desperate times call for desperate measures
    Help me find in Your Word, those hidden treasures

    I need You Lord, now more that ever
    Help me get through this dry and dusty desert
    You search my heart, You know my soul
    Dear God take me over, take control

    You hear my cries, you hear me groan
    Direct my feet, and take me home
    This inner fight
  2. My Conversion

    When I think about those old dark days
    Tears use to run down like sharp razor blades
    Shaking form the pain that is in my head
    I always wanted to crawl back into my bed

    No one thought I was trying,
    Truth was, deep inside I was dying
    I always said I will never fall apart
    Without God I really failed right from the start

    I was scared, so unprepared
    I was falling apart, life was breaking my heart
    God saw my needs, my deepest
  3. I am a new creation

    I am a new Creation

    Sharing my story, not yet been told
    Enjoyed the world filled with lies, a world so cold
    Every sin and moral defilement I would do
    Fear, pride, disorder and confusion too

    I would run at night, being a bit dazed,
    My heart kept on pounding, it was freedom I craved
    I had to get high, I hated to cry
    I wanted out, Iíll give God just one try

    So I took the first step, and began to moan
    Oh God, I cried
  4. Bible Verse & Quote

    'Bible verse and quote' from Jan Couns
    Week of March 8 - 15, 2009
    Bible and Quote March 2-6

    You have also delivered me from the contentions of my people. 2 Samuel 22:44a
    .thousands are made the prey of grievous wolves that enter within the fold of the church. What a wonder of grace it is when fierce persecutors are converted, for then the wolf dwells with the lamb. Charles Haddon Spurgeon, 1834-92, British Reformed Baptist, highly influential amongst Christians ...
  5. Revival Hymn