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  1. The War With Hannibal, Livy (book review)

    Why am I posting book reviews? Because reading books is time-consuming. No one wants to spend a month or two reading a lousy book. I'll offer here my "two cents" on whatever book I finish.

    The War With Hannibal, Livy

    Round two between Rome and Carthage. Titus Livius takes us through Punic War II which began with Hannibal storming Roman ally Saguntum and his daring trek across the Alps into Italy. I was looking forward to this book for a long time now, and I'm ...
  2. The Emptiness Within

    The Emptiness Within
    As we journey through this thing called life
    Our days are filled with joy and strife -
    With good, bad and sad times all without number,
    While deep within us there is a great hunger;
    A longing so strong; a consuming need -
    For there's something we need to be fully complete.

    So we search and we look in each cranny and nook;

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  3. Good Enough (A Children's Poem)

    Good Enough
    God wants me to be myself
    For He created me this way,
    And since God made me who I am,
    Myself I'm quite content to stay.

    In His eyes I'm good enough -
    It matters not what others say;
    I need not act as if I'm tough
    Or copy other children's ways.

    God doesn't care if I'm not cool -
    If I'm not
  4. Sometimes

    by , Jan 21st 2009 at 02:10 PM (My small part in appreciating the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.)
    Sometimes I just want to jump back over the fence and run. Sometimes I just want to forget about everything and roll up in a ball and forget.
    God give me the strength I need to overcome this feeling. Feelings are just that. Reality is YOU. Make yourself real to me. I need you. I need YOUR strength. I am weak and YOU are strong.
    Lord help me, because, I cant help myself. I trust you and I love you and I seek you and I praise you. I know that your Word in a lamp unto ...
  5. God's Big Toe

    When I stand before God, my head reaches the top of his big toe. Right below the toenail. Mt.Everest is but a ant hill next to the Almighty.
    After all, God placed the stars in the sky, and named them. Some stars are thousand times bigger than Earth. Like softballs, he juggles them. Like a child playing "Light Bright", he places them. Some blue, some red, some green and some white.
    His Throne is huge, it's a multi colored white. Sparkling like Diamonds, its quite blinding to ...