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  1. Thought for today, Our relationship with God

    I was sitting in church today and listening to the message, which was about Giving. As I was sitting there I thought about everything God has gave me and the needs that he met, (even those that I may not have known about at the time) I started wondering if I had gotten complaisent in my relationship with god. (let me explain) Sometimes in a relationship when your other half is providing something for you daily, you get numb to their sacrifice and get to where you just expect it. Just as those who ...
  2. Elijah and stuff.

    Hiya guys, well, tis is the time again. I ramble on and on again for no apparent reason. Itís that time when you read a bit of my blog and then you get bored and just conclude that yeah that was pretty boring. Yeah thatís me.

    Well, hello, thanks to those guys (and gals if thatís how you dance) who actually read me and my rambles. Hmm, seems like ramble and rant are my favourite words and it seems that I always forget that rant has angry implications. So if you ever see me write ...

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  3. "you get what you pay for..."

    "You get what you pay for..."

    Iíve learned just recently that this could even include the Bible!
    On Saturday I went to the Christian Book Distributer warehouse sale. If you have never been, the first time can be overwhelming. I've been a few times, so I can take my time now and look over things in a more relaxed way. There are books, cds, gifts, videos, Bibles, Bible covers, Bible computer programs, all at good discount prices.
    The Bibles that are ...
  4. The battle begins

    My mother had a weird tingling feeling in her breast one day and made an appointment at the doctor. They did some tests and the doctor said he was pretty sure it was cancer.

    On Friday March 7, 2008, it was confirmed that mom does have a cancerous tumor (about 2 cm) in her breast. That day they scheduled her for surgery this upcoming Monday to remove the mass as well as a lymph node under her arm for a precautionary measure.

    I have already gotten a sub for Monday so I ...
    My mother's battle