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  1. We're Never Alone

    We're Never Alone
    I AM is the Holy and Worthy One
    Creator through Whom all things begun;
    Sitting enthroned in Heaven above
    Pouring on us His blessings and love.

    The One Who provides for all our needs,
    The One Who enables us to do good deeds;
    Nothing in creation escapes Him at all;
    He hears our prayers when upon Him we
  2. Cultural Morality

  3. The God Of All Comfort

    Today's Puritan Audio Devotional:

    "What!" by Henry Law
    (on the glory of heaven)
    ~ ~ ~ ~

    The God of all comfort

    (J. R. Miller, "Ministry of Comfort" 1898)

    "The Father of compassion--and the God
    of all comfort
    ." 2 Corinthians 1:3

    There is a blessing in true human sympathy.
    God sends our friends to us, to bring us little
    measures of His own love--little cupfuls of ...

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    Going Forward
  4. What is the concept of "Rhema" in Romans 10:17?

    As you know, Romans 10:17 does not stand alone in the scriptures, but has a connection to the context of at least 3 chapters: Romans 9, 10, and 11—as the Apostle Paul is dealing with the so-called “Israel Question” where their salvation is concerned.

    And so, Paul opens the 10th Chapter of Romans indicating that Israel has not submitted to the righteousness of God—and indicates that “Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone that believes” and so, a question might
  5. The Rapture of the Church

    The Rapture of the Church

    by Truthinlove - 5/25/07

    I believe Scripture clearly defines when the rapture will happen in relation to other end-time events. My desire is that instead of taking my word for it, this article would encourage you to compare the Scriptures to each other and pray and see if you come to the same conclusion.

    The Bible tells us that we won't know the day or hour of the rapture (Matt. 24:36), but just a couple ...

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