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  1. Vacation time // almost here !!!

    Waiting,waiting and counting the days for I can go go go......Still can't decide which way to go! Leaning toward the North and then again I've been thinking South. I love Pigeon Forge and all that comes with it, especially all the little shops in Gatlinburg.I would always wear myself out laughing at all those little wood carvings with those sayings.Then there's Dolly Wood.Oh, I don't think my back could handle that.But, Dixie Stampede is a different story.Lots of fun finger foods ...

    Updated Aug 18th 2008 at 05:39 PM by cdo

    Vacation 08.05.08~08.11.08
  2. Coming Clean

    I had to admit to my fiancee today some things I had done that were wrong and I could feel his hurt because he said "why did you get angry with me if you have struggled also?" No excuse, I told him though that I was still hurting and foolishly let myself lash out at him in moments where I was feeling weak and vulnerable. He forgave me however and even though it was hard to confess I felt like a heavy rucksack had dropped off of my shoulders. Confessions...there have been a lot of them ...
  3. Fundamental Christian

    [COLOR=DarkRed][COLOR=Black][COLOR=DarkRed]... Although I would suspect that most folks no a reasonable understanding of what a Christian is the liberal press has had a field day, of late, with the word fundamental and fundamentalist. It has become the easiest method to discredit people like myself because the to "tags," Fundamental Jihadist and Fundamental Christian share the first fifty per cent of their tags names. For that reason and because they both have their foundation from history ...
  4. random thoughts...

    Just had a random thought, thought I would share it before it gets lost in the jungle that is my brain. Well at my house I wash the dishes and dry them, my mom normally helps me stack them up and put them in the water before I walk along and wash them and dry them. Well today she washed all the cups in the sink. She was like, “OH you might notice there are no cups for you to wash today” and I replied, “OH I see”. “haha I washed them because I am being nice, and also there was no more space in the ...
  5. Me & Annie in need

    Hi !!!
    I've been blogging about Annie(my cat)and she's about the same right now But, she's eating like "crazy"WOW those vitamins...potent!!!She still can't turn and go toward the rightIt has to do with the blow she took or the heat stroke..umh...Annie's eyes are blurred which causes her not to see very well at all.she can't smell her food or even what I hand feed her at supper....She'll chop down on my finger thinking it's a piece of meat...which it is 'it's mine' I've planned ...

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    Annie 'my cat' and me