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  1. Treasure

    Where is the treasure of your life
    Is it stored in worldly things
    That keep you happy for a while
    Until another yearning clings
    Do you trust The God you serve
    The blessings that would surely rain
    Upon your parched and selfish life
    If only you would let Him reign.

    He deserves our finest gift
  2. a Moment in Time

    Well, here is the moment of truth. My wife and I go off to face the government. The stakes, my children. PLease pray for us, becasue we need all of the help we can get. Satan almost destroyed our family, and I almost let him. God stopped all of that. And now, we have to go face the judge for the things we did wrong these last 8 years. I am hoping that the results are not as morbid as I think they are going to be.

  3. Tired...

    I raked out the flower beds this morning. Not quite sure what I was thinking considering that I have to go to work in an hour and all I want to do is go back to bed!

    *insert falling-over-dead smiley here*
  4. False Prophets

    Brothers and sisters, this is something that I have fallen prey to and have known many who have fallen prey to this sort of thing. False prophets. WE get so desperate to hear a word from God that we take in anything that someone claims to be from God. DON'T DO THAT!!! If it's something that causes you to stumble or if it's something that you didn't already know and hadn't already heard from God on, the it's NOT GOD.!!!
    Also, many of us tend to want to be prophet so bad that we try to force ...
  5. Floating

    I'm floating on the raft of God
    And I have yet to sink
    He's there to aid my buoyancy
    And keep me in the pink
    No matter what the problem
    As long as I stay calm
    He'll rescue me from waters deep
    Just like a soothing balm.

    No matter what the mountain is
    I know I have to climb ...