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  1. extract from my journal

    Ek hou nou `n joernaal vir meer as twee jaar. Dit is `n konstante gesprek met God, en dis cool want ek kan dit op enige plek enige tyd doen, sodat as ek nie hardop wil bid nie, ek daarin kan skryf. Dit bevat ook baie keer persoonlike goed wat ek nie met ander wil deel nie. Dikwels is dit meer `n manier om myself uit te spreek en oop te maak wat binne my aan die gang is. Ek trek dikwels los oor dinge wat in my kop aan die gang is, en dit is nie altyd so mooi nie, as jy verstaan wat ek bedoel. ...
  2. "It's time to grow up..."

    Who reads these blogs anyway?

    Ok, hereís my story.
    I have been a part of a new church for two years now. The reason why we are a new church is that the Pastor who had taken over a church for a retired Pastor, after two years of service, was asked to leave. Many couldnít understand why, and when the Pastor left, more than half the church went with him.
    Well with forming a new family, new guidelines to follow, new ministries etc., came some grief, complaining, ...
  3. my blog again

    Hey itís blog time again. I guess I better say somethings interesting. Well letís see, it is Saturday night 955pm, and I am in front of the computer again, listening to shuffle with Big Daddy Weave Let IT Rise on the media player. Checking my chess games on the net. Thinking of what I should write.

    Maybe I should talk about God, God, it seems so natural to me, God. God is always there for me. I donít always acknowledge him but he is there. Yíknow I am feeling pretty sad and depressed ...

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  4. Sinking

    I know you cast my sin as far as the east is from the west
    And I stand before you now, as if I've never sinned
    But today I feel like I'm just one mistake away
    From you leaving me this way...

    I'm feeling troubled at the moment. Very tearful. I dislike the way I am when friends are around - like now. I feel like I'm being selfish - and I probably am. I feel like crying and I don't know why.. At times like this - when I know I'm a mess - I find it hard to grasp ...
  5. Trophy life or LIFE of REWARD

    by , Feb 28th 2008 at 04:44 AM (My small part in appreciating the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.)
    Awards vs. Reward

    You know thinking back I have earned many awards, some recognitions, and lots of trophies. You know where they are? Packed up in a box in storage. Yes I could pull them out and dust them off and try to recollect the memories each of them have, but, to be honest...its really not that important.

    What matters to me is MY REWARD.
    My Reward in Heaven.

    Matthew 5:12 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for

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