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  1. I'm just the messenger

    “I’m just the messenger”

    John the Baptist
    John 1:19-34

    • When the priest and the Levites ask John who he was, what was he saying? I’m just the messenger making a straight way for the Lord.
    • John knew that he was not greater than the one that was coming after him. (v. 27) Jesus. John knew that he was just a messenger and when Jesus’ ministry began to grow and more folks began to realize who He
    Bible Studies
  2. Forgive us our debt

    Forgive us our debt

    Romans 3:21-31
    Sunday School

    • Have you ever had a large debt? (Maybe several hundred or even thousands of dollars)? You had to pay it right? Nobody came in and paid it for you.

    • Now what if you received a notice in the mail from the creditor that that bill/debt had been paid completely. What would you say or do?

    • We’ve learned from earlier
    Sunday School
  3. Swan Songs

    Swan Songs
    There is a touching, ancient fable
    Of mute swans who are unable
    To make a sound throughout their lives;
    Then, at last, as death arrives -
    A melody; a haunting cry;
    A farewell song; a final sigh.

    What a glorious way to die;
    to enter the sweet by and by -
    Instead of struggling, holding on
    They fill their last moments with song;

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  4. New Year's Resolutions

    Okay. Here they are. I am writing them down somewhere where I know I won't lose them and I can look at them throughout the year to remind myself and keep myself on track. Here we go....

    Biblical Goals
    1. Put God first - every time.
    2. Read through the Bible again.
    3. Work on my "tongue issues" (Read from the book of James about controlling your tongue.)

    Other Goals
    1. Exercise everyday... even if only a little bit
  5. 12/29/2008

    by , Dec 29th 2008 at 11:41 AM (What I am thinking about)
    It is a shame that so often WE (everyone of us) are so quick to "Judge" what another says, writes or otherwise puts out there as part of themselves.
    We must make sure that this forum, among others, remains a safe and open place to share ourselves. WE must build up each other, for the world grinds enough away at our faith.

    so please if you value openess and wish to post a message remember that you can hide nothing from God. HE KNOWS what is in the heart of all men. ...