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  1. Well Praise His WORD.

    by , Dec 19th 2008 at 02:38 AM (My small part in appreciating the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.)
    It dawned on me this morning as I sat on my porch talking with God...He kindly said WHEN was the last time you opened my Word.
    Shockingly, I thought about it and realized, I have neglected the blessings of being able to open up and read freely. I have gotten too busy in "my walk" to clearly see that I have truly been neglecting my walk by not opening my instruction book of life.
    I will be the first one to praise God for this and that...but you know what? When was the last ...
  2. How I overcame my nicotine addiction.

    If I may, I'd like to witness to you about the battle God helped me to fight (and win) against my nicotine addiction.
    I started smoking at the very young age of 14 or 15 (can't remember exactly). I got hooked almost as soon as I took my first puff - guess I have a very addictive personality - praise God I am allergic to alcohol, or I would have ended up being an alcoholic for sure. ...

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  3. The Angels Sang

    When someone tells the story of the first Christmas inevitably they come to where the angels announce the birth of the Christ child to the shepherds. It is almost a forgone conclusion that the angels will be singing. Almost inevitably someone will mention that the Bible doesn’t say anything about singing. In one since they are correct. The Bible doesn’t actually say they sing.

    But I put it to you. How could they not sing. As a musician I know the power music holds. Music speaks to ...

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  4. Bands

    A lot of people have asked what bands I like and what I listen to, so here i my list of my favorites (not JUST what I listen to).
    Oh, and this is heavy metal and some -core stuff.

    Good Christian Metal:
    Antestor - Black Metal
    Extol - Melodic Death
    As I Lay Dying - Metalcore
    Demon Hunter - Alt. Metal/Hardcore
    Embodyment - Metalcore
    Virgin Black - Gothic/Orchestral Metal
    No Innocent Victim - Hardcore
    Monsterous - Industrial Metal ...

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  5. The Water Cycle.

    Amos 9:6 (Written 2800 years ago) "He...calls for the waters of the sea, and pours them out upon the face of the Earth; the Lord is His name."

    The Mississippi River dumps over six million gallons of water per second into the Gulf of Mexico. Where does all the water go? That's just one of thousands of rivers.

    The answer lies in the hydrologic cycle, something that was not fully accepted until the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, 2500 years after the Bible ...
    The Bible knew.