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  1. 1984, George Orwell (book review)

    Why am I posting book reviews? Because reading books is time-consuming. No one wants to spend a month or two reading a lousy book. I'll offer here my "two cents" on whatever book I finish.

    1984, George Orwell

    Just finished listening to this on audio while driving. I will run into some difficulty reviewing this as I must guard against revealing spoilers.

    The year is 1984 (the book was written in 1949) in the country called Oceania. The story follows ...

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  2. The Old Mission Church

    The Old Mission Church
    The air is hot and humid as we sit in the church pew,
    The building's very old and nothing in it's new.
    The walls are cracking; the alter cloth is stained,
    And I'm sure that we'd get drenched if it should rain.

    The roof is leaking but the preacher keeps on preaching;
    A tired fan is squeaking and the rusty door is creaking.
    The paint

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  3. David's Flight

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    Do not expect a smooth and easy path!

    (Arthur Pink, "David's Flight")
    Prosperity is often a mixed blessing, and adversity is far from being an unmixed calamity!

    Alternating spiritual prosperity and adversity, is the lot of God's people on this earth. All is not unclouded sunshine with them--nor is it unrelieved gloom and storm.
    Grace Gems
  4. January 8, 2009

    Hebrews 11:6 But without faith [it is] impossible to please [Him], for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and [that] He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

    Sometimes non-christians will ask me "why" do I believe in God. It's so hard for me to answer someone that has already made up their mind there is no God. If they knew my life before I came to believe though, they might just not only see why I believe, but they may even want to consider reaching
  5. Child of the Night

    Child of the Night
    Oh, child of sorrows and of the night,
    In empty darkness you've been bound tight -
    With ropes and chains you can't even see
    And you're struggling and falling and trying to flee.
    You're living a lie; it's all a grand show,
    But around and around in circles you go.
    Dear one all alone and eternally doomed
    Don't you know that Death can come

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