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  1. Anger at the seekersensitive 4

    Hey there folks again, okay I thought I would start on my fourth post on this anger at stuff. This time I am talking on my second point which is Man Centered Theology in the seeker sensitive church. You might remember in my last post that I talked about the pulpit being thrown off and replaced by a stage. Well that is a very key idea in my argument. You see, to understand my point that theology or teaching and ideals in general are more man-centered we must understand that in seeker-sensitive churches, ...
    I am angry
  2. 16. A Whisper

    Today I'd just like to say, "Praise God" for the little reminders that He's in control.

    In the turmoil of any chaos, all it takes is that whisper that is heard like thunder over all the noise and the chaos seems to go away, focus returns and we are comforted in knowing that God has listened to our cry for help.
  3. Coming Soon !!!

    Good Morning,
    I pray everyone is doing well!
    Ok maybe I might be having a small problem with Forum functions ( as in customizing my profile) not that it's an issue but, I just want it to look nice and hommy(sp) I'd like to try and bring out my personality(if possible) in it.
    "coming soon to bible forum"
    Hope everyone has a day of blessings!!!

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    Decorating Profile "Whoa"
  4. Becoming Joseph

    From time to time God has seen fit to grant me insights into the lives of various Biblical characters. These have ranged from Christ in the Garden, to Peter, to Isaiah, to Simeon and a host of others. Most often this has happened through music. For some reason, as I prepare for a solo the music and words seem to invade my soul and I start to feel what must have gone through the characters heart and mind in that situation.

    The strongest, though not the earliest (that honor goes to ...
  5. Annie my cat"baby"

    G'Day to you!!!
    I've been discussing my cat "Annie" at the "Well" She got hurt "brain damage". I've been so upset seeing her like this and praying for her. She's my family. I know Annie doesn't know what's going on with herself. She's not acting like my little Annie.My vet also said she suffer's from heat stroke.She's on meds right now But Annie's going through alot of problems like...circling;only can turn around to the left;seeing"her eye is damaged from ...

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    Annie 'my cat' and me