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  1. Musings - The Book of Hebrews (2)

    Continuing from my previous post - just to keep things organized and not create one massive blog post.

    6:12 - that you may not be sluggish, but imitators of those who through faith and patience inherit the promises.

    This verse is downright impressive to me. Looking ahead, we see an example of those we should imitating in Hebrews 11. Being sluggish is so easy, however, in a culture that promotes ease and comfort. Many things need to come quickly and exactly when we want ...
  2. Musings - The Book of Hebrews (1)

    This afternoon, I decided to read through the book of Hebrews. Well, I began in chapter three and read through until the end of chapter ten. Quite illogical, but once again I was struck by the depth and richness of the book of Hebrews. I love how the author speaks of entering God's rest, of the priesthood in the order of Melchizedek being better than that of the order of Levi, of a better ministry in Christ, of the earthy tabernacle being a mere picture of the heavenly tabernacle, of the awesome ...
  3. Who is GOD?????????

    You are the foundation of life, the only source of existence
    The creator of the universe, You are tender mercy and goodness
    You have created the sun and the moon and the stars
    The flowers the trees and the grass
    You are the water of life, for those who are thirsty
    You are power and glory, You who set the captives free
    You are Spirit, God the Father, and the Son
    The promised Messiah according to the scripture who was to come
    You are the
  4. Help me find my wings

    Lord, I come to You for comfort, for so many things
    For so long I was holding on to pieces of broken dreams
    Learn me to accept, whatever this life brings
    Lord I trust that You will help me find my wings

    If only I could know, what is mine to hold
    I pray that heavens plans unto me will unfold
    Learn me to glorify the King of Kings
    Lord help me, to find my wings

    But most of all I want to know, that I am walking in the truth
    I have
  5. I need YOU!

    Let me hold on, let me hold tight
    Please donít let me down, donít let me loose this fight
    Desperate times call for desperate measures
    Help me find in Your Word, those hidden treasures

    I need You Lord, now more that ever
    Help me get through this dry and dusty desert
    You search my heart, You know my soul
    Dear God take me over, take control

    You hear my cries, you hear me groan
    Direct my feet, and take me home
    This inner fight