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  1. 17. Tell People

    Tell People

    I have been asked lately, “How do you give it all to God and then leave it there at the Foot of the Cross?”

  2. Vacation delayed (1) day

    O.K. This is gonna be a short blog....
    It's only a (1) day delay to leave for vacation. and I'm fine with it. "Possibly a God thing"
    !!! Aside from that, I need to take care of a few thing like putting a hair color on and my nails and getting my hair cut. Not much....oh, plus actually packing!!! can't forget that!!!
    Talk later.....Darlene

    Updated Aug 18th 2008 at 05:37 PM by cdo

    Vacation 08.05.08~08.11.08
  3. On to the next thing...

    Well, John and I have made it through 25 years... um, almost... our anniversary will be this Wednesday. We renewed our vows on Saturday, because he will be getting ready to leave on a mission trip next Saturday.

    It was a beautiful service, so I am told, and I made a beautiful "bride"--if that is what you call the woman in a renewal of wedding vows service. We had a good number of people come to support us, although I was aware that had we done this same service at our ...
  4. Vacation time // almost here !!!

    Waiting,waiting and counting the days for I can go go go......Still can't decide which way to go! Leaning toward the North and then again I've been thinking South. I love Pigeon Forge and all that comes with it, especially all the little shops in Gatlinburg.I would always wear myself out laughing at all those little wood carvings with those sayings.Then there's Dolly Wood.Oh, I don't think my back could handle that.But, Dixie Stampede is a different story.Lots of fun finger foods ...

    Updated Aug 18th 2008 at 05:39 PM by cdo

    Vacation 08.05.08~08.11.08
  5. Coming Clean

    I had to admit to my fiancee today some things I had done that were wrong and I could feel his hurt because he said "why did you get angry with me if you have struggled also?" No excuse, I told him though that I was still hurting and foolishly let myself lash out at him in moments where I was feeling weak and vulnerable. He forgave me however and even though it was hard to confess I felt like a heavy rucksack had dropped off of my shoulders. Confessions...there have been a lot of them ...