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  1. It isn't funny money.

    It isn't funny money.

    money can become a crutch if we depend on it too much … I just do not want to think about it too much … Having enough not worrying whether I can pay for such and such … Give away your crutch and depend on what your given from such and such … I can not argue with that it’s in your word saying such and such.

    Listening and reading to John 16. Alan
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  2. Hate 2.

    Hate 2.

    They want to nail me to a cross … How savage are these lot … My own people who hate me a lot … They want to take me away from my earthly family whom I love a lot … One Angel could come and wipe out these lot … There nailing me to the cross … I’m just a disciple following Jesus to the cross.

    John 14. Alan.
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    Encouragement , Poetry
  3. I walked as they walked but now I am found.

    I walked as they walked but now I am found.

    I walked in the land of the dead … Dead from trespass and sin and they know not what they walk in … They cannot see there Saviour because they are of this world blinded by sin … They hate those who are alive in Jesus thinking they are dead from a worldly life they are in … We have the Holy Spirit who leads us into all truth changing our life from within … If they hated Jesus they will also hate you and ...
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  4. There's a storm coming.

    There’s a storm coming.

    On the weather forecast it predicts a storm … So I've been out and about the house either tying it down or bringing it into the garage … Anything loose tends to lift in the winds and blows where it must … So stay in the house and pray there will be no damage on that day … It was said warn my people today on the storm that is coming.

    John 13. Alan

    My own ...

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  5. Walking were we should go.

    I was glad to be able to pick up my prescription today antibiotics and steroids to help me keep well … undoubtably Jesus has everything in his hands concerning where I'm at … To be able to walk in the spirit is a wonderful thing not complaining every step of the way … We have the capability because of Jesus and the Holy Spirit of course not forgetting Father God … To walk in the spirit we know … When were not … It will show … Our days here below are numbered when with Jesus we will go … To
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