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    There are various belief systems labeled as "Christian".

    I've been studying Calvinism and Arminianism for a while. I think there is still a lot I don't understand about both.


    The more I attempt to do research on Roman Catholicism, the more confused I get.

    I've been wanting to do a three way comparison of the teachings of Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Oriental Orthodoxy.


    I'm attempting ...
  2. All those.

    Things going on.

    Theres several layers of things going on … Today I had to calm down … Putting pressure on myself to get things done … I had a word with myself do the Wife jobs first there’s time to do my own … And therefore calm down … It certainly did the job … But gave a further indication what’s going on … Time to take my antibiotics when things affect me and make me feel low loosing my cool when usually I’m so cool … It’s my lung condition which affects me so … The
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  3. I bring to the table.

    I bring to the table.

    I bring to the table just what I have … The key to open the door that some people have … But it won’t turn the lock they say … A place where people gather just beyond the door to sing and pray … The lock needs oil like oil in your lamp … The Holy Spirit is the oil and Jesus is the key … I open the door through what I say … Ask Jesus to turn the lock and enter in and learn a lot.

    Reading John 17.

  4. Your dream ... House.

    Your dream … House.

    September 8, 2013
    I came and worked in your house … I had help and we cleaned every room out … I heard myself say its a beautiful house … I looked at the empty rooms and made my way out … Through the garage we went I looked back … Room for a car closed the doors but the lock didn’t work … My companion would fit a metal clasp … To the left the field filled with bullocks running into the field next to the house.

    Beginning to Read John 17.

  5. If a Christian life we live.

    If a Christian life we live.

    Posted on September 7, 2013

    As a christian we live a life of no evidence of our belief … Although saying that there s plenty of evidence if you count peace and joy that comes our way … We find our new nature reacting in a new way not like our old way … We don’t do the things we use to do or even I would say … Talking the same way … We have a hope in our heart that wasn’t there before