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  1. Mark Chapter 8.

    Hello ... I've just completed a video read by Alexander Scourby on Mark 8 ... see what you think a bit different ...

    This is the link on YouTube

    Or Amencorner at Bibleforums

    Listening to Mark 8.
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  2. Old Testament study

    I'm feeling more and more pushed and pulled to do an Old Testament study.

    Picture sitting on your couch, and your dog goes over to it's collar and leash, picks them up with it's mouth, and brings them to you. You say to your dog, "I'll take you for a walk in five minutes.".

    Ok, then picture yourself not immediately putting the collar and leash on your dog, and taking it for a walk, and your dog starts WHIPPING you with the leash, harder and harder, until you ...

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  3. Power man has harnessed.

    We will teach the Nations.

    No wonder they killed the Prophets ... Some couldn't stand what they had to say ... It's a bit drastic to kill someone for what they say ... Their evil feelings overruled the law of the land and the Prophets ... This is what Jesus had to say ...

    Matthew 23.


    Don't seek the praise of man ...
    For the work, we do for Jesus ...
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  4. Thought.

    If we think too much about what we fancy it brings lust ...

    By example, we can influence without saying not ...

    Our minds are so powerful by thought we can increase our sperm count ...

    When we are one in the spirit our thoughts can be synchronized as one ...

    Listening to Psalm 42.

    If you would like to watch a video on Psalm 42 on my website videotracts
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  5. Unbreakable!


    That evil, wily, ancient snake
    Truly believes that he can take
    Away my faith; my joy; my peace:
    That he can break me piece by piece.

    he hits me high
    he hits me low
    he hits me fast
    he hits me slow
    he hits me left
    he hits me right
    But I will not give up the fight!

    I will not faint; I will not fall -
    For God will help me to stand tall:
    He’ll lift me up and make me strong