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  1. 4-18-17

    The other day my 93 year old maternal grandmother was talking to my maternal grandfather.

    My maternal grandfather has been dead for 35 years.
  2. ?Regeneration? Preceeds Faith???

    Nowhere in the Bible is it taught or even insinuated that sinful man, without first being regenerated, is incapable of repenting of his sins, turning to God, and believing the Gospel to the saving of his soul.

    Those under the Augustinian/Calvinistic spell, are free, of course, to post passages of scripture supporting their view. Debate can proceed on the open board. Here, the focus is the scriptures.

    Scripturally, faith precedes salvation and is in fact an essential ...

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  3. to everybody on here

    I'm trying to decide what to post in Chat To The Moderators about and what to try to work out with the other board members directly.

    I've decided to try to work this one out openly:

    In the past I've been repeatedly attacked by other board members for even mentioning Roman Catholicism, even in the Areopagus section, even though I have repeatedly clearly stated that I am not Roman Catholic, and that I am not promoting Roman Catholicism.

    I have heard a lot of ...

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  4. Old Testament study

    There is a lot I don't understand about the Old Testament.

    As time has gone by, this has been bothering me more and more.

    Many of my preconceptions are being overturned more and more.

    More on this later...
  5. John Calvin on the Anabaptists...

    "One should not be content with simply killing such people, but should burn them cruelly." John Calvin

    - Roland Bainton, [I]Michel Servet, heretique et martyr (Geneva: Iroz 1953), quoting letter of February 26, 1533, now lost.

    Calvin held to Infant Baptism and Baptisimal regeneration till his dying day.

    John Calvin argued:
    “Whoever shall now contend that it is unjust to put heretics and blasphemers to death, knowingly and willingly ...