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  1. 7-13-18

    I don't recall a time in my life when I was not aware that the world was in a horrible condition.

    It seems like I'm becoming more and more aware all the time that the world is worse than I'd ever previously had any concept of.

    Whether or not the world has gotten worse is not the point. I'm realizing more and more that the world was worse in the past, during my lifetime than I had any concept of at the time.

    I don't think I fully know how corrupt the world ...

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  2. Did they not realise ...

    Did they not realise when it went dark for three hours ... Did they not realise when the temple Vail rent in two ... Did they not realise they had crucified there true Messiah king ... Did they not realise when they did such an evil thing ...

    Listening to Mark 15.
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  3. Call.

    What part of Jesus message don't we understand ...
    For some nothing at all, we spiritually understand ...
    Jesus is waiting he will hear and understand ...
    If we call upon his name we understand ...

    Listening to Mark 14.
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  4. Oh man...

    Oh man.

    We don't see the evil in our man till we truly have the new man ... Born of an incorruptible nature not made of man ... Born Of Jesus whom became a fleshly man Father God's plan for man ... We don't truly see the evil in our plan till we receive the new nature planned for man ...

    Listening to Mark 13.
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  5. Old Testament study

    I'm feeling more and more pushed and pulled to do an Old Testament study.

    Picture sitting on your couch, and your dog goes over to it's collar and leash, picks them up with it's mouth, and brings them to you. You say to your dog, "I'll take you for a walk in five minutes.".

    Ok, then picture yourself not immediately putting the collar and leash on your dog, and taking it for a walk, and your dog starts WHIPPING you with the leash, harder and harder, until you ...

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