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  1. the Wailing Wall

    I've been reading claims that the Wailing Wall actually wasn't a part of the Second Jerusalem Temple.

    There was a prophecy that no two stones of the Second Jerusalem Temple would be left touching each other.

    The Wailing Wall obviously still has stones touching.

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  2. 5-19-18

    I'm feeling more and more of a need to do an Old Testament study.

    I need to do research on Jerusalem, both past and present.

    I need to do research on the Jerusalem Temples.
  3. Progress on my forum.

    Hello, this is my first proper attempt to start a forum ... My thoughts are I've gone as far as I can to start a forum ... I still belong to a Bible forum and have set this forum along similar lines as far as possible ... Being a Christian my thoughts are that unless the Lord builds the house we labor in vain ... So I will try by keeping on writing here and Bibleforums and see what will happen ...

    Listening to Matthew 27.
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  4. We all grow ...

    We all grow old or so I'm told ...
    Some don't make it to be old ...
    We see those who grow old ... We shouldn't complain so I'm told ... When we grow old ...

    Listening to Matthew 25.
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  5. Old Covenant Israel was Always the Church