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  1. Covenant Theology

    Phenomenal short series.

    What is Covenant Theology?

    RC Sproul part 1 of 3 ( 9 min each )
  2. 3-14-18

    I'm researching claims that various Bible translations are corrupt translations.

    I'm mainly working on the New King James Version, right now.

    I've heard it described as "the marijuana of corrupt Bible translations". Supposedly, many people who wouldn't even consider using harder drugs will use marijuana. Supposedly, many people who wouldn't even consider using various Bible translations that many people consider corrupt will use the New King James Version. ...
  3. The Names of God...

    The names of God.
    Nice way to know in 10 min

  4. Moving forward.

    Moving forward not backward ... We remember the things we use to do ... New things ahead do not regress stay on course ... Today we do the new ...

    I have uploaded all my videos to youtube and in turn loaded up my website book with all my videos ... This link above will show you what I'm up too ...
    Tags: forward
  5. My grandmother is 94.

    I now have to make a lot of decisions, and I am already indescribably psychologically exhausted.

    This really isn't the mindset in which to make decisions.

    Updated Mar 6th 2018 at 06:28 AM by gringo300 (typo- not the least bit to my surprise)