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  1. Look to Jesus.

    As the World pours in its fears look too Jesus the author and finisher of our faith ...
    Strengthen us Dear Lord as time draws near to the celebration of your birth ...
    You sit on high in your rightful place no longer a child but the King of Kings ...
    You bring new hope and life as we on earth expand our faith you hold back the fears ...
    Tags: fears, jesus, king, world
  2. Signs and Wonders.

    Signs and wonders you might see … Try inviting some one for tea …King and Angels you might see … Jesus loves to come for tea … Alan :-)

    Hebrews 13:2. Genesis 18.
    Encouragement , Poetry
  3. Jesus Is Lord..........part 3.2


    So, Moses and God are having a discussion on the mountain side, and Moses is really reluctant to do what God wants him to do.

    Ex. 4: 13 But Moses said, "O Lord, please send someone else to do it."

    Pretty straight forward, huh? All along, Moses has been very reluctant to do what God wants him to do. His past is intruding, in my opinion. He remembers what happened last time he tried to help the Israelites, it was a dismal failure. They ...
    Theology , Teaching
  4. Our Reason for Living

    Our Reason for Living

    With purified hearts and clean hands we come
    To pay homage to Jesus our King;
    Giving our all to God's Saviour Son
    Who offers us refuge under His wings.

    Freely we give Him our bodies and minds;
    Our future; our present and past.
    Leaving the world and heartache behind;
    Exchanging them for a peace that will

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