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  1. Monotheistic Dances part 23

    Mohammad began his ministry under what might seem like odd circumstances. He used to go, during the four holy months of the year for Mecca, to a cave on Mt. Hira. There he would pray and meditate. When he ran out of food, he would go home, get some more food, and return to his cave to pray and seek truth. One day, truth answered back. Mohammad had a very intense vision.
    The angel Gabriel appeared to him in that cave, and told him to read, or recite (the hadith vary a little here). Mohammad ...
  2. Monotheistic Dances part 21

    In looking back over the history of Islam, the life of Mohammad has one indisputable fact, Mohammad seems to have moved around from family to family during the first twelve years of his life. He also experienced the death of several key people in his life while he was quite young. Just before his birth, his father died. His mother gave him to a bedouin tribe to wean and raise. When he was returned to his mother, she died shortly thereafter. He was then sent to live with his grandfather, Mutalib ...
  3. David, Jesus, Mohammmad......1

    David, Jesus, Mohammad....a Comparison
    It has been conventional, when comparing Christianity with Islam, to compare Jesus and Mohammad. This is apt, since they are both the 'founders' of a 'new' religion, or so it is said. However, this misses one aspect of the two, Mohammad was also a warrior and a founder of a unified nation. Jesus founded a kingdom not of this world, and made an eternal kingdom. This is an echo of a promise that God made to David around a millenia before Jesus was born. ...
  4. Jesus and Mohammad...part 2

    'Some History'

    Warning Note. This is longer than I wanted, but it is important. I am struggling to get you to see the structural differences that make the Biblical narrative easier to comprehend. It is this structure that the Koran lacks. The narrative structure of the Bible makes it easier to see and respond to what God is showing us. God bless...
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    Christianity is based in history; we believe ...
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