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    Alice Cooper

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    I just read an article that says he's a Christian and is playing the role in the live version of Jesus Christ Superstar. My question to you isn't about his faith, but about that movie or play or whatever it is. I had always been under the...

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    Church Dilemma

    Thread Starter: Vagrant

    Hi. I used to post here a super long time ago. Years and years ago. But never mind. I'm caught in a weird dilemma of choosing a church and I'm having problems trying to prioritize what's most important in a church. I need help figuring out...

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    Louwrens Erasmus

    Covenant and Christians

    Thread Starter: Louwrens Erasmus

    I read somewhere that somebody on the forum mentioned that we as Christians are not part of either the Old or New covenant, but cannot find it:mad:. Maybe I am getting old. Could those that believe this way please direct me to either a document on...

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    Where to go from belief?

    Thread Starter: Belief

    Hi guys/gals, So I came to these forums a while back, in my doubt, desperately wanting to believe in God and connect with him. I am now at the stage where I have no doubts. I have been doing a lot of research about the gospels and history and...

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    The two witnessses? Dreams and Visions?

    Thread Starter: mymessagetou

    In my long fast, once again i received a message that stated that there must be the 2 witnesses that would tell of things to come. "And I will appoint my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for 1,260 days, clothed in sackcloth.” 4 They are “the...

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    This is where I live.

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    Our hard drive head.

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  • Power Less

    Over the last several months the Lord has been teaching me about trusting Him to do what He does. Ya know the old saying; we can't do anything but plant seeds and water, as it is written, "it is God who gives the increase."

    One recent afternoon the Lord was kind enough to help me understand this even further. I suddenly found myself feeling very small and weak, not physically, just in life in general. Oddly enough it felt pretty good, feeling so small was quite enjoyable, to be perfectly honest. There was a great sense of humility that came over me; not the kind the world knows wherein you feel defeated, but the kind of humility that leaves one feeling content, even victorious. There was an awareness that God was 'with me'. Not that I could feel his presence, but that I was confident that He had my back, so to speak, confident that I didn't need to fear....anything; from Him or anyone else, regardless of what might happen, He had His righteous eyes on me.

    As I pondered this sense of smallness and weakness, wondering how best to explain it to others (it is my practice to share with others), this was what came into my heart; I have no power, but the power to obey. I cannot make anything I do or say produce anything. But I can trust that God will accomplish what His good will desires through my obedience to Him. There is a great sense of peace in knowing that it's not in my power to get the results that I think should come from my obedience. Therefore I don't have to fear being judged by God, if things don't turn out the way I think they should. The results He desires and causes to come to pass may be very different than what I think they should be. And that's OK because He is the Judge and not I.
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    1. Longsufferer's Avatar
      Longsufferer -
      Thank You for your thoughts, I think all of us which believe have felt this. It is as if God reminds us that it is not us who begins or starts something are anything, nor us which maintains are anything; but only God who can give the progress. This verse in (1 Cor 3:7) fits like a hand in a glove with (Rom 9:16), that it is not our will that shall be done, nor are we the ones who run things; but it is only God that shows mercy. We may also behold the grace of Christ, that it is a voluntary humility (2 Cor 8:9) & (2 Cor 12:9), and as Christ we ourselves make ourselves low, that other's may be lifted up, knowing that strength is made perfect in weakness. Finally, as we follow the Lord Jesus Christ, we understand that though we are weak in Him, yet we live with Him by the power of God toward other's (2 Cor 13:4).
    1. Saved7's Avatar
      Saved7 -
      I really love how you explained that...we make ourselves low that others may be lifted up. Great way of explaining Philippians 2. I'll have to remember that. And thank you for your beautiful commentary, it's a great addition to this.
    1. Kahtar's Avatar
      Kahtar -
      Therefore I don't have to fear being judged by God, if things don't turn out the way I think they should. The results He desires and causes to come to pass may be very different than what I think they should be. And that's OK because He is the Judge and not I.
      Good article. I would only add that not only do we need not fear being judged by God if it doesn't turn out like we think it should, but we also needn't be concerned with the judgment of others.
      Many times we hesitate to go pray for a person's healing, for instance, because we say in our heart 'What if they don't get healed' or 'what if I fail'.
      But it is not our responsibility, thus, if they don't get healed, that's God's decision, not ours. He knows His own timing and purposes.
      Thus, fear of man should never hinder us in doing what He calls us to do.
    1. Saved7's Avatar
      Saved7 -
      Yes, Kahtar, that's exactly right, thanks so much for pointing this out and adding to my article so much more for folks to consider.
      I've also found that when a person is offended at my service to God, in whatever form it may take, that I often find myself concerned that if they are judging me as wrong, then God must be judging me as wrong. Somehow on a subconscious level I used to equate the judgements of man with the judgements of God, and that would make me fearful of being obedient to God. It even made me fearful of standing on the truth regardless of who gets offended, for fear of being judged by God because someone got offended and rejected Christ because they didn't want to turn from sin. I suspect that on a subconscious level, that's what happens in the hearts and minds of many people within the Church, a fear of being judged as a hatemonger by man, turns into a fear of being judged the same by God. I suppose this is why we have so much sin running rampant throughout the Church. But praise the Lord, God is not man and His judgements are not the same as man. His thoughts and His ways are higher than ours. I thank that Lord Jesus Christ that God has brought me past that fear and has brought me into a place where I no longer fear the judgements of men. Because I now realize that to follow God often means being disliked for standing on His Word. He will not judge us according to man's judgements, He will only judge us according to His word and our obedience to him, regardless of how man reacts to our obedience.
    1. MoreMercy's Avatar
      MoreMercy -
      Amen, Saved7.
      Thank you for the mana Father.
    1. HoboTone's Avatar
      HoboTone -
      Well said. I love the sense of relief I find, when I "cast all my cares upon him." Life is too stressful when you feel the need to be in control all the time.
    1. JoshuasGal79's Avatar
      JoshuasGal79 -
      Once He asked me to sit out on a bench to read my Bible, and I surely thought someone would come and sit and talk with me and nobody did, but I didn't reach out either and that was ok too. Later I thought who am I to say what was supposed to happen. Do I know the thoughts of men??? I got put in check lol Who is to say that any of the people passing by didn't give me a glance and thought hmmm maybe I should read my Bible and then went home to do so....??? I did what He said to do, what it was for is not for me to question. Though I did the same thing the next day and He sent someone to have a great conversation with So I got my wish by being persistent I suppose.
      We always want to do big things for sure but it's the small ones where God can make them grow and blow your mind
      For His Glory !
    1. svfox's Avatar
      svfox -
      No matter what God gives , and all things good and the increase comes from God.

      But you should still keep it going with constant praise and thanks to God.
      And know that your body, the strength in your back to carry the seeds comes from God.
      The more God opens our eyes the more remarkable we see him.
      The only thought that comes to mind is to fall down and worship him.
      Great article.
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