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    Mr. Key At The Dry Cleaners, A SPECIAL TRUE CHRISTMAS STORY...

    Wow thank you for sharing. :) Go to last post

    tikawahyuni0802 Mar 20th 2018 09:28 AM
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    "fatal wound"

    Thread Starter: randyk

    Since I really don't know what the "fatal wound" of the Beast is, I thought I would revisit it once again--this time with the idea that the "fatal wound" is the end of Antiochus 4? I'm wondering if the Beast with 7 heads and 10 horns is the Roman...

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    Show us Miracles

    Thread Starter: Keraz

    Micah 7:15 SHOW US MIRACLES AS IN THE DAYS OF EGYPT Isaiah 43:19-21 I am about to do something new, can you see it? I am making roads in the desert and...

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    Shouldn't the beast be rather easy to idenify at some point?

    Thread Starter: divaD

    Revelation 13:3 And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast. 4 And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast,...

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    Scripture proof that Jesus is Messiah?

    Thread Starter: randyk

    Can you provide your 3 basic proofs that Jesus is the Messiah? This could range from experiential proofs to proofs from science or prophecy. I'm having this discussion with Fenris, a non-Christian Jew. Very nice guy, and I like him. But I don't want...

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    2 horned Beast

    Thread Starter: randyk

    Just a thought I'd like to throw out there. Is it possible the 2 horned 2nd Beast of Rev 13 may refer to a Catholic Pope, representing the German/Roman axis of the Western Roman Empire? In the past I thought that the 2 horns may symbolize the...

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    My mind wonders ...

    My mind wonders too and fro ... Your being tempted just keep on saying no ... Jesus can live within help giving power to overcome inappropriate thought within ... Listening to Matthew 10. ...

    Yesterday 04:25 PM


    Acts 17 22So Paul stood in the midst of the Areopagus and said, “Men of Athens, I observe that you are very religious in all respects. 23“For while I was passing through and examining the...

    Mar 21st 2018 09:51 PM


    Yesterday, I read some news about several people I know that I don't want to repeat here. I'll just say that one of them will probably be in prison for the rest of his life, which, unless it's in...

    Mar 21st 2018 12:16 PM

    It's so good ...

    It's so good to be up to date ... Everything in its right place ... Far as we can the human race ... It's only my desk all in its place ... I made this today for you to watch :)

    Mar 21st 2018 08:14 AM

    Who's eyes.

    Who's eyes ... are we using to look ... at the World ... Who's eyes ... should we use to look ... at the World ... Who's eyes ... do you want to look ...

    Mar 18th 2018 03:41 PM
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