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Transparent Agendas

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It sometimes amazes me that "Anti-Christians" think they can masquerade as TRUE Christians and not be noticed.... (And I specify "Anti-Christians"... rather than "atheists"..... because atheists in the true sense of the word, aren't generally hostile, with hidden agendas like the Anti-Christs).

Yet, I'm never really surprised by it, nor am I ever surprised about "WHO" they are.

The thing is, they really do stand out like a "Baby Ruth in a swimming pool". (I opted for the more reader friendly description here...)

For some reason though, they fool themselves into thinking nobody will catch on that they're really Anti-Christian.

I just had to get that off my chest.
I don't know if anyone reads my blogs or not... But this one is mainly for me, just to save my friends on the "Mod Squad" some potential extra clean-up work, with a few of my posts.

They know who they are! And yeah, they'll thank me later.

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