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Waiting until your "king" calls for you

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I just finished doing a study on the book of Esther. I noticed that the Queen's didn't just go before the King unless they were summoned. I started thinking about what it would be like if we as wives did that today. I mean we live in the same home, but what if we didn't get in their way unless they called for us.
So I decided to try it. My husband came home from work and I greeted him as I was getting his dinner ready, but I didn't say anything to him about my day. He went and did his thing. Then he called for me! Too funny! So I went to him and he shared with me about his day at work.
I listened and walked away...Not long after, he called for me again!
I am doing this more and more. It's fun actually and I don't feel pressured to have to be there..he doesn't always need me..I guess that is the mother in me.
Queen Karen

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  1. miepie's Avatar
    You're a funny queen!

    We are reading in Esther too, as you know, and we actually talked about that ourselves today! What a luxury life we have as wives these days..... we can just go and talk to our husbands when it pleases us! Esther risked her own death while going there! Thank God it's not that way anymore..... at least not where I live.......

    Love you my queen,
    Your royal friend,
  2. Phil Fourie's Avatar

    You are a funny funny person

    Lots of love and God bless
  3. quiet dove's Avatar
    My question is how do I get it where I can wait longer. Mine has a never ending list of request, he is sometimes helpless.
  4. Ta-An's Avatar
    You know Karen, This is a good example, let them 'cool down' after a hot day in the office, or from the traffic ... in the tranquility of your home, and then when he is ready, and relaxed and calm.... he'll call you. I am convinced that many an argument is prevented that way.... men flee from work's problems to have sanity at home.... and we need to grant them that

    You are very wise to have learn t this lesson