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By Avalanche and Bullhorn

24. Bear our own burden?

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Question: Why donít we bear all our burdens to the Lord, in prayer?

The Lord has already taken upon Himself all our burdens, so when we experience the very burdens He has placed upon our path to experience, we are to learn, grow, and trust in Jesus. Lift those burdens, they are there to get you to pray to the Lord and remain in communication with Jesus. To surrender so He can take us and teach us.

We learn the hard way! Many of us hold the burden, so much so, that by the time we reach the next burden on our path we are still trying to deal with the previous one. What went wrong? We fail to give it to the Lord. We seek but donít give. We donít surrender the burden/trial/struggle or we only partially give the burden to the Lord by not forgiving ourselves. By not placing all and we hold onto portions of the burden. We donít listen to God for revelation of what we are to learn, how we are to grow, how we are to slowdown or change direction.

We steamroll ahead, under our own power and crash from trail to trial leaving pieces of ourselves along the path as we roll along. Those pieces are the hurts we cause, because we fail to do it the Lordís way. Instead we do it our way! Those hurts are the ones we inflict and those hurts are the ones we experience and we drag them behind us and keep them leashed close enough to our hearts to always cause us pain. Some we hold to our very hearts and even bury them into our heart.

The Lord wants us to take the pain, take the hurt, take the burden and place it in His hand. To be taken away! To sever the leash that holds the hurt to us.

Freedom, strength, wisdom, trust, experience, comfort, peaceÖ are the results of taking burdens and placing them in Jesusí hand. As we mature we are ready for the next trial but not if we have not gained the strength that the Lord had planned for us to have gained, have overcome. We will not be built up, we may not be able to keep our Shield up or Sword drawn for the next battle and we express this by not requesting prayer, not lifting our arms up to the Lord in praise as the storm rages.

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