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Faith vs Hope

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Do you have Hope in your Faith or Faith in your Hope? Do you have hope that your Faith is real? Is your Faith dependent on your Hope or is your Hope dependent on your Faith? What is the deference between Hope and Faith?

Faith is believing something to be true. To have faith in something you must believe that it is exactly as you perceive it is. We use the term “fact” to be something that is an unmovable truth. Like the fact; one plus one equals two, this is a fact that is an unmovable truth. We have faith in the answer to be “two”. How many facts are out there that are worthy of faith? Lets look at it this way; You send a friend to the market to purchase some meat and bread for you and your family. You have given him your weeks allowance to purchase your weeks worth of food. You have just put your faith in his ability to follow through with the quest you have bestowed on him. You have taken a step of faith, and placed you and your family’s welfare in the hands of your friend. At the time you placed your money in his care you had faith in him. There may have been a little bit of doubt, but would you have given him the money if you had the smallest doubt at all? I think not. In order to have faith, you first have to believe. We as humans have faith. We all have faith, and must of us have faith in only one thing, and that is in ourselves. We believe in ourselves and nothing else, because we can’t trust anyone else. Truth and trust are basically one in the same when dealing with faith. In order to have faith in something you have to have trust in the truth that you believe. What unmovable truths do you have faith in?

Hope is nothing more than a desire. When you desire something you are merely having hope that one day you will be able to acquire the desire. Hope is something we have for our kids. We hope only good fortunes and prosperity for our kids. Hope is something that we have no control over. Hope is something that seems so unreachable sometimes. Hope kicks in when your friend is late coming back with your bread and meat. Hope is typically never based on any facts or truths at all. In fact it is when doubt inters into the equation that we have to now rely on hope.

When we have faith in the lord, we are in awe of his wonderfully made earth and creatures. He is all knowing and omnipresent. He knows everything before it happens because he sees the future because he created it. This is the faith we have to have in order to have a real relationship with the Creator. This is Faith. Hope is not knowing what is going to happen. We know that we don’t have a clue of what tomorrow holds. But we hope for the best. Having faith is knowing, trusting and believing. Having hope is not knowing, unsure, doubt. When I ask someone if they know if they are going to hell or heaven when they die and they say that they “Hope”. This means that they are unsure. If they say yes they are going to heaven it is because they have faith and they believe in what Gods word says. True hope for a Christian would be for us to pray and hope that our family and friends will all know the truth and be saved from hell. The Lord knows who is going to heaven even before they are born. But we don’t, so we have hope, this doesn’t mean that what we hope for is in accordance with Gods will. But we can pray and hope that our thoughts are always with the Lord and his will.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

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