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Praising my glorious Lord!!!!

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Sometimes I just have to let it out or I'll burst!! Praise God, He is sooooooooooo glorious!! Just a glimpse of Him, makes my heart soar!! Just a touch and this earthen vessel is overwhelmed!! Before I even got out of bed this morning, He filled me afresh!! I woke as I often do with a worship song in my head. As I began to ponder it's words, I felt His glorious Spirit rise within me!! I lay there worshipping our awesome God with tears running down my cheeks!! Oh how amazing He is, sometimes He leaves me thinking, who am I that He is mindful of me???? Why does He lavish such attention on a little dust bunny like me?? I am so lowly and He is so great!! I'm in awe of this glorious God who loves us this much!!

I want there to be more words that describe Him in the English language!! The words I have are so inadequate!!!! I want to rant about how amazing He is, but no words do Him justice!!

I am hooked, I want more of Him, He is my joy, my peace, my all!!!He makes me feel so alive!! I praise you Lord!! I never want to stop, for you are worthy of so much more than I can give!!!!

If what I'm saying is alien to you, then know that if you seek Him, He will be found!! Know that His desire is to draw you closer, to reveal Himself to you!!

abundant blessings

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